The Right Guy Will Tell You Your Vagina’s Beautiful

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The right guy will ache to bury his face between your thighs. He will consider it an honor to see, touch, taste, and smell every inch of your naked body, especially your vagina.

The right guy will be overwhelmed by your “lady parts” in the best way possible. And he will tell you as much.

The right guy won’t let you feel an ounce of insecurity about your vagina. Before you can even entertain a shred of doubt that your vagina is anything but devastatingly beautiful, he will reassure you of its perfect. He will pause to appreciate the beauty of every fold before he fingers you or eats you out. He will take a deep breath and inhale your scent, marveling at his good fortune to be in the presence of such greatness. He will lick your clitoris with purpose and penetrate you with his fingers as if it were his duty to make you orgasm. Because it is.

The right guy will embrace the opportunity to give you pleasure with courage and determination. He will not assume from the start that he’s programmed with special knowledge or the proper experience to get you off, or boast about his prowess in bed. He will understand and appreciate that your vagina is a bit of an enigma—different from any other woman’s—and that he must treasure your uniqueness and embrace the process of figuring your body out. He will look forward to the challenge of unlocking your vagina’s secrets—to earning the privilege of giving you unforgettable, mind-blowing pleasure. And he will not be afraid to work hard toward that end.

The right guy will do whatever it takes to satisfy you sexually. He will study your body’s responses to every move he makes, noting each slight twist of your pelvis and each subtle moan and groan. He will ask you questions before, after, and during sex. He will touch base about his performance as often as possible, welcoming tips, tricks, and constructive criticism. But he will never pressure you to speak up. And when he fails to make you orgasm, he won’t blame you for being difficult or shame you for not climaxing. He will listen to the guidance you offer and incorporate every precious piece of advice into his strategies moving forward.

The right guy will never take sex for granted. He will watch you undress as he reclines in bed and beg you to inch your way over to him just so he can kiss you between the legs. He will always want to go down on you. The right guy will worship your naked body, inside and out, from head to vagina. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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