43 People Describe The Best Sex They’ve Ever Had In Exactly Five Words


1. “Her titties were the bun.”

2. “My vagina smiled that night.”

3. “Kisses, fondling, pawing, tickling, plunging.”

4. “She blowed like a pro.”

5. “My pussy plus giant cock.”

6. “We jerked off together first.”

7. “Just the tip—then plunge!”

8. “It was mindful, and tantric.”

9. “He loved licking my clit.”

10. “Awesome foreplay, even better fucking.”

11. “Woke up, mouth on cock.”

12. “Lips all over my body.”

13. “Godly cock meets wet pussy.”

14. “Dick in my mouth—yum.”

15. “He felt so good inside.”

16. “He had me at ‘handcuffs.’”

17. “Boobies jiggling in my face.”

18. “Come all over me please!”

19. “He gave me multiples—twice.”

20. “‘More please!’ the slut said.”

21. “Naked bodies twisted together. Bliss.”

22. “Front and back, both doors.”

23. “Gave her a masturbation demo.”

24. “She was such a screamer.”

25. “Teasing and tickling with feathers.”

26. “She slurped up every bit.”

27. “Her ass was so inviting.”

28. “We orgasmed together, so electric.”

29. “In and out. Deep. Hard.”

30. “I’m naughty, so he spanked.”

31. “Her pussy was so tight.”

32. “Licking, sucking, fucking, and swallowing.”

33. “She deep-throated like a goddess.”

34. “Our ‘third’ was a hottie.”

35. “Suckling her breasts all night.”

36. “Sex party orgy with strangers.”

37. “‘Come play,’ she said. ‘Okay!’”

38. “Her body, my fucking paradise.”

39. “Taking turns with a vibrator.”

40. “Couple of lesbians plus me.”

41. “He attacked, I welcomed it.”

42. “Rode me like a cowgirl.”

43. “We fucked like caged animals.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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