Do This While You’re Waiting For Your Perfect Person

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People are good at postponing their lives until they meet the right person to share their lives with. We don’t engage in our dreams and goals enough because we think like what is now is not it.

We don’t live our lives like we mean it because we don’t have that wonderful partner by our side who will solve all our issues.

If you’re caught up in between the two worlds and waiting for your other half, then read on.

This is the only solution that you won’t ever regret: choose yourself instead of waiting for someone special. 

Have you ever wondered how much time and energy you spend waiting for the right person? Imagine if you’d invest all that energy into yourself, your projects, your well-being instead.

Choosing yourself doesn’t mean that you must stay single.

It means that you primarily focus all of your energy on yourself and leave other people out of the equation. At least for a while.

It means investing in your dreams and making the courageous decisions that you were postponing. Focusing on yourself also means that you prioritize your desires without being dependent or attached to someone else.

Because when you see someone else as the source of your happiness then you’re prone to get disappointed. The stronger your unhealthy dependency is, the sooner the disappointment comes.

You can never find what you truly seek outside of yourself, be it love or anything else.

Even if you met the perfect partner for you, it wouldn’t solve your problems. I know that many people assume that once they’re with their other half, everything becomes effortless.

I was guilty of this belief, too. And yes, everything can be more comfortable and joyful. But no, it won’t change the person you are.

No one can do the work for you. Others can inspire you and even support you but at last, it’s all up to you.

So if you’d like to become a better version of yourself, now is the time to begin. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not.

If you get quickly upset now or if you’re bad with money, being with someone doesn’t change that. On the contrary, it can even amplify it.

In a relationship, you become more of who you already are, with all the beauty and ugliness.

Even if you’re with the most fantastic person, you still need to continue working on yourself. Otherwise, you’ll subconsciously sabotage your happiness.

Thus, if your head is spinning around wondering where the right one is, then invest that precious energy into something you can actually impact. The side effect of living your life to the fullest is that the right person will feel drawn to you without you (necessarily) doing anything.

They’ll feel so enamored by you to the point that nothing will keep them away and then it’ll be crystal-clear who the right person for you is.

People are attracted to your inner light more than anything else. When you follow your heart and live like you mean it, then everything and everyone that belongs to you will find their way to your life.

I know that sometimes we freak out and worry about whether we end up lonely with two cats, but if someone is meant to be in your life, they will be.

You can release the control and worry and turn the attention to becoming that beautiful and empowered creature you already are within.

Choosing yourself is the smartest decision you can make. Moreover, you’ll stop feeling like a crazy person who is just thinking about being in a relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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