This Is The Absolute Truth About Why You Can’t Let Go Of Them

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Mikayla Herrick

Sometimes we meet someone who breaks our heart, and it takes ages to heal it. It might be years later, and we still wonder why it didn’t work out.

When we can’t let go of someone, we re-experience the past way too many times in our heads. Thus we don’t embody our potential. Because there is this heavy burden dragging us back on each step we take.

When we don’t let go, we project our past on the present, and so we can’t recognize the opportunities and love that might want to come our way. It’s like walking through life with red lenses believing that everything has a red tint.

When you carry the conviction that something went wrong, it’s precisely the same. You live in an endless loop of repressed accusations and regret so you can’t see clearly.

The reason why it’s so difficult to let go of your ex-lover is that you haven’t understood the lesson it was meant to teach you.

Every person and situation are our teachers. Even if it doesn’t seem so, everything happens FOR us. Not TO us. This includes the person who broke your heart, and you still think of them. Even if you want to desperately move on.

In fact, you manifested this person into your life to help you understand what you didn’t want to look at yourself.

Meeting this person is like a message from your innermost self.

It shows you exactly these parts of yourself that you’ve been denying. Every single time. No exceptions. Even if you think he was special because we all sometimes do.

But the universal laws are clear and sound. The other person came to your life to teach you what you needed the most. The pain that you felt afterward was meant to get your attention so that you can witness your deepest inner demons.

There is a magic happening when you meet your most-buried fears – you find inner freedom.

You set yourself free from what used to keep you in chains, and you find out that they were just made of paper. You could have set yourself free anytime but you couldn’t without that one person who broke your heart.

The instant you understand the lesson, you’re ready to let go of them for real.

Their purpose in your life was fulfilled. You received the message, and now it’s time for new adventures.

How can you find what their purpose in your life was?

This is the moment that requires absolute honesty. Think of the person you can’t let go of and ask yourself; What is it that I want from them the most? What is the one special thing that I believe only they can give me?”

In most cases, it’s how they made us feel. In our heads, we might have believed that the way they loved us was special. There was this deep bond with them that seemingly no one else can replace.

But there is at least one person who can – you.

Deep down, you crave to love yourself the way you believed they loved you. You wish to look at yourself in the mirror the way they looked at you. You hunger for own love and acceptance.

If you don’t believe me, imagine that you’d give yourself all these things you’d once wanted from them. How does it make you feel? Whole, loved, and like all is well?

This is what you actually desire more than anything. They came to your life to remind you of it.

It’s not them that you miss, it’s the way you felt once they were there.

Now is the time to learn to give yourself everything that you’ve once wanted from them. And allow others to love you, too. Because they are many who would love to come closer to your life. Now you’re ready to open your heart once again.

Don’t make your whole universe dependent on that one person who was just the messenger to remind you of your own inner beauty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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