Read This If You’re Too Afraid To Pursue Your Dreams

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You know that there is much more beauty, wisdom, and fire within you than you dare to admit to yourself. You know that you can enrich this planet and your little world with so much creativity and magic that your heart would blossom with each of your breaths.

You’ve always known this, but for most of your life, you’ve buried your dreams within yourself. Sometimes, you can feel your inner strength, burning desires, and unlimited potential but you desperately need someone to come and give you their hand to lead you into this kind of world you’ve long known in your heart.

You’ve given up many of your graceful and magnificent dreams because of lack of support. Lack of confidence. And lack of knowledge where exactly to start.

There have been moments when you’ve wanted to hide from the world because your heart has become sick and tired of no one being there truly for you.

You’ve also buried your dreams because you’re subconsciously afraid of stepping into your power.

There is this underlying fear stealing joy from you and whispering in your ear that you can’t stand out and be too visible. For you’d become a target of unwanted people and motives.

So you’ve rather locked your radiance and sensuality in the place where no one can see.

Sometimes you wish that others would see you the way you truly are – the way you can feel your true self when you dance alone in your apartment or when you gaze the stars and let your soul share with you the joyful visions she has for you. In these moments, you listen carefully, and you recognize your inner strength and beauty.

But then there comes the morning again, and you lock your dreams deep inside so you can feel safe around others.

You’ve been waiting to meet the one who will truly understand you and love every layer of your soul and heart. For someone who would see your potential reflecting in your bright eyes and recognize your magnificence from your silent smile.

Every cell of your body is aching for you to embody your true self and let the light gently touch every place you walk.

You’ve been to many places, either physically, emotionally, or mentally. You’ve encountered many people and situations. Yet you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for.

For there is only one place in the entire universe where all the answers lie – it’s within your soul.

The innermost self that effortlessly guides and loves you on your journey through life. You haven’t looked enough to these parts of yourself that have been calling you for a long time.

Because you’ve been trained to believe that the answers come outside yourself. Just as everyone else has structured their lives around this belief. But you can see that there are very few people you know (if any) who are genuinely happy and fulfilled. It simply must mean that we all look for our true selves in all the wrong places.

Your soul communicates with you through the beautiful visions and inspiration you receive when you just enjoy the life. It guides you through your feelings of joy, spaciousness, and light.

Whenever you feel light about something, you can be sure that it’s the right thing or person for you.

Your soul whispers to you in the moments when you simply are – in nature or while watching a funny comedy that reminds you of your long-lost dreams. You can tune into your soul’s whispers by tuning deeply into your heart.

When you feel the warm sensation in your chest, it’s your heart chakra blossoming like a lotus flower. You can feel it pulsating with excitement when you think about all the crazy places and things you want to do.

Because after all the meaning of your life is to live it fully and enjoy every bit of it. For it’s your aliveness that teaches just as well as your deepest pains.

Your soul has always been waiting for you to accept its guidance and help so you can, too, see that the life can be joyful and you have your beautiful dreams for a reason.

It’s while acting on your long-buried dreams that you’ll meet your soul because it’s your soul who has seated them in your heart. When you allow yourself to receive life entirely, you’ll also find out that others fully receive your inner light too. TC mark

I’m a spiritual life coach, TEDx speaker, and author. Embody Your Soul

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