When Auto-Corrected Text Message Flirting Goes Wrong

Brian: Hey, what’s up?

Amber: Hey! Nothing, you?

Brian:  Chillin. Last night was really fun.  Thanx for being so cool about me bringing my friend STD along

Brian:  *Syd along

Brian: Lol

Amber: Haha no prob!

Brian:  Do you wanna shart later?

Brian:  *party later?

Amber: Yeah maybe!

Brian: Great. Any cool uncles?

Brian: Plans?

Amber: Not yet

Brian: Okay well I have a couple of different odors

Brian:  *ideas

Brian: We could meet up in a van

Brian: Bar

Brian: I meant in a bar

Brian: Sorry

Amber: Haha NBD. G2G will txt u l8r

Brian: Okay hope to see you at some point in the kite

Brian: Nite

Brian: Autocorrect is so stipple

Brian: Nipple

Amber: …Stupid?

Brian: Nipple

Brian: …Bye Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Dennis Crowley

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