Choosing To Be Alone Rather Than Swiping Through Tinder Doesn’t Make You A Loser

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In a world full of swiping right based purely on physical appearances, I’d rather be alone with my dogs.

Relationships are tricky but it’s even trickier when the start of it is just based on physical appearances rather than a connection.

Have I been on dating websites? Yes.

Have I been on dates? Yes.

Have any of these dates really worked out for me? Absolutely not.

Are any of these men on dating apps or in my life actually serious about anything other than sex? Nope, but it isn’t shocking.

Men and women alike use dating apps now to either find someone to marry, one night stand, or a friends with benefits situation. But what if you want none of the above? What if I simply want something casual that turns into something more serious with time? Yeah, of course, there are some people on dating apps that want the same kind of scenario that I do, but most people just want sex and won’t be one hundred percent straight up with you about it from the bat.

As you grow up you’re told that the best things take time, yet we are so quick to rush into sex and dating that we don’t even take the time to really get to know someone. I get it, hormones are all the rage but there’s nothing better than having sex with someone you actually care about rather than a one night stand or an FWB scenario.

FWB scenarios aren’t for everyone and in the long run, someone ALWAYS gets hurt. Once someone in the relationship decides to move on to someone else, the other person might get hurt or heartbroken. It never ends well and may seem like a good idea at first, but it never is.

Another thing I’ll never understand is the people that are on dating apps with the sole purpose of looking for marriage. I do want to find someone to date and all but I’m not automatically looking out for my future husband. I promise you for the most part people do not find their husbands on dating apps and to be extremely honest, I wouldn’t want to tell my future children that I met their father on tinder.

On the off chance that you do find someone on a dating app and it ends extremely well, well then that’s honestly one in a million. Some people can find their future spouses on dating apps but the start of the relationship is never purely based on personality but rather the physical aspects.

Would I very low key love to find someone that I click with and end up starting a future with from a dating app? Yeah, I guess, but in all honesty, I know to go into most dates or hangouts from dating apps with little to no expectations that it’ll really end in anything along those lines. TC mark


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