Please Remember That This Is Not How Your Story Ends

Whatever you are facing right now, even if it is the most difficult of difficult situations, you have to remember that it is not your final destination. There is still a glimpse of hope that is yet to be a better tomorrow, even if you cannot see it right now.

This is not how your story ends.

You are facing a hurdle, and it may seem like you aren’t going to get over it, but what you don’t see is that you will. Each hurdle in life prepares you for the next hurdle. Think back to the last hurdle you victoriously made it over. Believe it or not, you got stronger after that last one and the one before that. With each stride you take, you build your inner strength.

Life’s difficulties can be worked out one way or another, but you must come to the realization and accept that you cannot figure it all out in one night.

Just like someone starting a new workout regimen, they want to see the results of a perfect body, but it will be a long tedious and impetuous process before they do. The first few days will be spent getting into a routine of reps and sets. It will be difficult, and feelings of soreness will be overwhelming, but the soreness is evidence that they can feel something is going on, even though they cannot see it.

The same goes for when you are trying to work out in life. As you face trials and tribulations that seem to be difficult or painful, remember that it’s your workout season and you are building your inner strength. You may not see the end results, but you can feel the progress going on inside of you—let the process run its course. One day you will wake up and realize you are stronger, wiser, and better.  You will find that you are finally over it.  You will see the end results and the clouds seem to be lifted.

Pat yourself on the back—you got over it!

The thing to do now is remember this feeling the next time you face another of life’s hurdles.  You will find yourself being more capable of handling this hurdle and you will get over it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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