10 Struggles Only People With Impeccable Memories Understand

For the most part, I’m glad to be blessed with a better-than-average memory. I wouldn’t trade it for an inferior one, though age will probably have that effect eventually. But I also have to say, there are times that my good memory can make life a bit awkward and frustrating. If events from days, months, and years ago also tend to linger in your mind, you’ll know what I’m going through with these downsides to never forgetting:

1. Looking creepy because you remember the names and other identifying details of people you’ve only met briefly, while they’re like:


I swear, I’m not stalking you.

2. Getting annoyed with people for contradicting statements they forget making.


A lot of your fights with your significant other probably start with, “But you said…”

3. Also getting annoyed with people for repeating statements they forget making.


“You already said that!” is also one of your favorite accusations.

4. Getting annoyed with people for forgetting things you’ve told them and making you tell the same story again.


So, basically, getting annoyed with forgetful people.

5. Holding people accountable for promises they forget making.


“But five years ago, you said we’d do that in five years!”

6. Trying to hide your laughter at work because some unrelated thing that happened years ago popped into your head.


But, you guys, middle school was a really funny time.

7. Having trouble “letting things go” because the details of every hurtful interaction stick in your mind.


It’s hard to forgive and forget when you’re incapable of forgetting.

8. Being asked if you have a “photographic memory.”


What does that even mean?

9. Overanalyzing everything people have ever said about you.


When someone’s words are permanently stored in your brain, you can unfortunately go back and revisit them at any point.

10. Trying to bond with your friends by recollecting shared experiences while they nod and pretend to remember.


A good friend will at least tell you they have no clue what you’re talking about but are sure it was great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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