When You Are Suffering, Remember God Has A Plan For You

I am here to tell you this, there is a beautiful reason behind why you are suffering right now. A reason that you cannot see right now. We are locked into time, unable to see past today. We cannot know the reasoning behind everything. We have to trust God because he is in control. What a beautiful and peaceful reminder that He is in control.

Let God reveal His greater purposes for you. They may unfold over time, but just not right when you want them to. If we cannot fathom or understand everything about the universe, then we have no place to question The Lord and His plans for us. We must trust The Lord’s doings. He is timeless. He exists outside of time. We cannot understand God’s timing because we only exist in time.

Suffering brings a dynamic quality to life. It teaches us to dig deeper. To trust Him more wholly. If we didn’t suffer life would be stagnant. We would never learn anything or grow. Just as drought drives the roots of a tree deeper to find water; suffering can drive us beyond superficial acceptance of truth to dependence on God for hope and life.

In the book of Job he suffered beyond anything you can imagine. He suffered endlessly. He was being tested. Satan told The Lord that Job would curse The Lord’s name if he brought suffering upon him. But Job remained faithful to The Lord, though he questioned God and His doings, he never gave up. He kept pursuing The Lord. Beautiful and greater things came from Job’s suffering. Job was given twice as much as he had before. God uses our suffering to bring Him glory. It teaches us to lean more on Him and to direct our attention back towards Him. Never stop trusting Him.

Never underestimate how vulnerable you are during times of suffering and pain. Hold onto Him. TC mark

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