48 Sexy Ways To Bring Back The Heat In Your Relationship

Flickr / Courtney Carmody
Flickr / Courtney Carmody

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or just dating at the moment, these sex tips are something to implement into your sex life.

Many of us forget about the little things that we loved about each other when we first met, causing us to become complacent within our relationships. This isn’t something to take lightly; in fact, nurturing your love with your S.O. should be a top priority in both of your lives.

Taking each other for granted is a major factor in the divorce statistics today. You chose each other for a reason, don’t forget why. Keep it fresh by creating new memories. You wouldn’t stop loving your children over time, so put in that same energy with loving your partner.

Intimacy fades for numerous reasons but they do differ for each gender. The number one reason for many women is typically a lack of romance; if and when a man knows how to truly be romantic, he will be able to lure his lady sexually without persistence. While for most men, the number one reason, is consistently (or lack thereof) receiving sex.

But no worries! Here are 48 ways to keep your sex flaming hot:

1. Don’t ignore men’s nipples.

2. Keep it fresh and alive, don’t be predictable!

3. Men like women who explore and take initiative sexually.

4. Women like massages, candles, soft words and a man who caresses them. (No, they don’t enjoy just being groped or men who’re constantly aggressive!)

5. Men love lingerie and a woman who enjoys wearing it.

6. They ALSO enjoy it when she decides to forego her underwear while out for the evening.

7. Booze-less sex is better than a drunken Sex session. The senses are more alive while sober, plus you actually remember you had sex!

8. Make time for daytime sex! Sex after 9 p.m. becomes a routine and isn’t as arousing — after a busy day, who isn’t tired? We get it.

9. A little naughty talk in the bedroom is alluring for both sexes once you get past being shy.

10. Sext! If you go old-school and call at the office, ensure the speaker phone is off.

11. Always listen to what your partner says they enjoy during sex.

12. Pick up on their desires, in and out, of the bedroom and use it to your advantage.

13. Guaranteed, hot coffee delivery in the mornings? That’s like foreplay to a woman.

14. The smallest gestures will increase your odds of better sex or at least having it more often.

15. Try new positions! Don’t become a creature of habit in the bedroom.

16. Wear cologne or body cream lightly but most importantly, NEVER forget the deodorant! You may not think you need it but trust me, most people do.

17. Learn how to read each other’s feelings, so you don’t have to ask.

18. Be aware of their body language — know when something is not right.

19. Ask questions! Show interest in their life.

20. After your man gets home from work, bring him a drink or the remote control for an hour. He needs time to unwind, not 50 questions.

21. Men: after your orgasm sex is NOT over!

22. Scream out every now and then — let the neighbors know you are not that boring couple after all.

23. Sex is not just penetration. Find other methods of sexual intimacy (foreplay anyone?)

24. Don’t ask someone if they would like to have sex! Be creative.

25. Shave! That goes for both sexes — a little landscaping never hurt anyone.

26. Complement your partner and make them feel good about themselves, especially their bodies (for women!).

27. Don’t wear flannel pajamas, curlers or eye shades in the bed.

28. Shave her legs or paint her toenails every so often — wax his unibrow or give him a foot massage.

29. Wash his hair or other pampering things Mom once did.

30. Dress sexy for them, even at home.

31. Dental hygiene: floss, whiten and freshen breath with scope! Yellow teeth get worse with age, be preventative before it happens.

32. Get rid of granny panties and tighty whities.

33. Tell each other what you desire in bed. Guide each other with your hands, don’t just lie there like a starfish.

34. Men love women who actually enjoy oral sex and don’t just do it because it’s what’s expected. And vice versa. (It makes us more comfortable and relaxed when our man enjoys it.)

35. Think ahead romantically for special occasions.

36. Confidence is a turn on!

37. Take your time during sex; don’t be in a rush for the finish line.

38. Find their erogenous zones and work them, especially if you want to perk them up (no pun intended).

39. Don’t assume that one orgasm is all they are good for. (That goes for men too, ladies.)

40. Have sex outside the bedroom!

41. Make-out on the couch, elevator or the car like a teenager if you’ve been together for a while.

42. Tell them often that you love and want them. Don’t assume they know.

43. Be respectful of each other’s time. Late for a date probably means you won’t get laid that night!

44. Valentine’s Day is a reminder for romance but make other days special for no reason other than you care.

45. Don’t be afraid to get all mushy, occasionally. It makes the other person feel special.

46. Have a naughty “pet name” for them in the privacy of your bedroom.

47. Read or watch something sexy together to spice things up if you feel like your sex life is becoming repetitive.

48. Role play your fantasies.

What are you waiting for? Go try some of these out — thank me later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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