This Is The Brutal Truth About The People Who Can’t Love Us Back

This Is The Brutal Truth About The People Who Can't Love Us Back
Niti K.

I have never pictured having my heart broken. Why would I? I always enjoyed being the heartbreaker. If someone wasnโ€™t the one, I would simply end things swiftly and move on before the reality of leaving them sunk in.

โ€œI am the sun and he can go suck it,” the Greyโ€™s Anatomy quote would always come to mind when I was ready to leave someone who just wasnโ€™t right for me. And with that thought, I always pushed the other stars trying to orbit in this universe and simply existed as the solo sun.

And yet when I had my heart broken, my universe did not seem to align me back into its center. Maybe we are so trapped in our own narcissistic world that when things donโ€™t work out with others, we simply burn them with our rays and try to move on. I thought that was normal until I had my heart broken.

โ€œI am the sun and he can go suck it,” but this time, the saying didnโ€™t resonate with me. I am not the sun, rather I am a heartbroken woman who has never felt the pain of abandonment. I got burned by someone else and I was not equipped to deal with the ramifications of the blow. Are we really so self indulgent in love that it hurts us when someone canโ€™t love us back?

The reality is that people donโ€™t have to love us back. We shouldnโ€™t expect everyone that we want will always fall in love with us. Imagine all the heartbroken men who said โ€œI am the sun and she can go suck itโ€ when I left. Talk about turning tables, I guess I am not the center of my universe after all. TC mark


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