Happiness Is All Around, You Just Need To Look

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We say that it is hard to stay happy in the world like ours. In a world that has so much that everyone wants but can’t always have. But when we look around, and look a little closer, there is happiness in so many of us. It just comes in different forms to everyone.

I see it in the eyes of every girl who gets to be the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding. I see it in every boy who makes it onto a variety football team, and his girlfriend who cheers at every one of his games with his mom.

I see happiness in the eyes of the girl who gets on her tippy toes to kiss her fiancé on the cheek. I see contentment in every mother that sees her child walking for the first time, and in every uncle who laughs at his own jokes at family gatherings. I see happiness in all the people who sing the national anthem at the top of their lungs when their country wins.

I see that everyone can be the happiest person ever no matter what circumstances life throws at them, because we are all capable of that.

Maybe not today, maybe not now. But I know that God is not as cruel as to not bring a single moment of happiness in a person’s life. Everyone gets their share, just at a different time, in a different way — in their own way.

I know sometimes we may not be able to wash the toxicity of the people who were once in our lives from our thoughts, our skin, or even from out of the things that still smell like them. But the people who make the best out of life’s experiences are the real role models. Because I still see happiness in the eyes of the mother that manages to feed yet another meal to her kids, not knowing when the next will be. The girl who’s about to leave to her family for the first time to go off to university is barely blinking back tears thinking if it’s even worth going so far. But a part of her is content still. The father who just lost his job doesn’t know what’s going to come next, but he’s content still – for his wife, for his family. The girl who just lost a friend, still refuses to wash the last sweater she wore with him, she wears it every day just so it can help her remember. She knows that’s not the right thing to do, but she’s content still.

This thing is, sometimes you don’t need events to happen in your life to give you happiness. If you look around at your surroundings, seeing nice things happening to others will make you smile, too. Because I smile when I see happiness in the old lady and the man who helps her carry her suitcase up the metro stairs. I smile when a person stops and gives all his leftover change to the homeless lady outside the train station. Seeing hundreds of excited kids in school groups going to see museum exhibits, and a lady give up his seat for a blind man on the bus all make me smile.

Happiness is in people enjoying food at restaurants and in people who don’t have enough to eat. It’s in the ones that have a house and in the ones that are just getting by in their broken down apartment. That’s because happiness doesn’t come in the form of things, but in the form of emotional satisfaction and in how you see life. And you do not need things to make you happy, but instead, people, moments, and thoughts. Someone once said being positive only attracts positivity, and being negative will only attract negativity. There is no lie in that because life is how you see it, and if you don’t see happiness in any aspect it’s going to be very hard to live.

Even though it is cliché to say that “you should learn to accept things and see the positive side” it is a major key in life, but yes, it is easier said than done. And while right now may seem like you just can’t come to accept some aspect of your life, I promise, when you start to give time and take things slow you will see happiness – you will be happy. But for now you can look around a little closer and see happiness in many things, and that will be enough to make you happy. Because happiness is everywhere. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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