You Don’t Need Love To Save You

Yoann Boyer

‘There is someone out there for everyone.’

‘The right one will come when the time is right, when it’s meant to be.’

‘Everyone has a soulmate.’

We say these cliche quotes about love to each other all the time.

Maybe it’s to make the other person, or more likely ourselves sometimes, feel better.

But are these true?

Is love a fairy tale where everyone has one true love?

One wrong move and poof you might miss out on the love of your life?
Is this what we have let the story books convince us? That we will find love when some prince (or princess, but let’s be real the man is always the hero) comes and saves us?

I mean maybe that’s true. I don’t think I’ve ever truly been in love, so I am definitely no expert on the subject. But I don’t think love is something that overtakes you, that saves you.

If you are in the woods, in the darkness, cold. You obviously need a fire to survive. But is love the fire? There are so many that think so. So they sit in the darkness, cold, waiting. Waiting for the fire to appear. Waiting for the love to save them. But fire does not come from nothing. Something has to fuel the fire.

Honey you, you fuel the fire! Not love. Your passion, for life, for people, your energy, radiating positively into the universe. Touching, blessing, that’s what fuels the fire. Filling the wilderness with light and energy. Attracting everything to you. You bring love in. You find yourself. You find love.

And it may not be that fairy tale love. It does not have to be. It does not have to torture you to be real. Love to me is simply two souls gravitating to each other, to the light, the warmth. Fueling each other, supporting each other.

And that is beautiful.


That is love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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