This Is Why You Struggle With Self-Love, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Love Yourself Enough To Let Go

I imagine that people are like suitcases. We are all carriers of our memories and experiences. We are a reflection of our choices. We are a physical manifestation of our souls. Our outsides can be stitched and taped together. Our insides are harder to heal.

I imagine that each of us carries with us the stories of our lives. Sometimes these experiences weigh us down, they are boulders making it hard to breathe. They say that the universe does not give someone more than they can carry. I know this to be true- but I also know that some burdens, some boulders, need to be let go of.

The reality is, we’re allowed to unpack the suitcase of our life sometimes. It is okay to open up our souls and release that which weighs us down. No one says you have to hold on. To do so is a conscious decision. It takes true effort to keep a firm grasp on something that no longer brings you joy. So make the conscious decision and effort to release that hold. Throw the boulders away.

To have love for yourself is to know the difference between something that is tearing your suitcase apart with its jagged edges and something that fits right in and at home. Love yourself enough to know that not all things need to stay, some things are meant to go. Love yourself enough to know that in order to heal, throwing away boulders is necessary. It takes strength and courage to remove that weight, but every time you do, you come out a little better, a little stronger, a little lighter.

I imagine that people are like suitcases. We carry with us the stories of our lives. But we only have to carry the stories that we choose to hold on to. Unpack your life, unpack your soul, and let go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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