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To All The Girls Who Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

I know the feeling. I know the sound of a shattering heart and crumbling soul all too well. The damage makes you want to hide. You subconsciously build brick walls around you to keep everyone out, even the people who already love you now. You find excuses as to why you don’t deserve them. You push them all away and deny yourself the love you truly deserve.

Take the walls down. Love still exists. It will find you when you least expect it. It will find you even when you work so hard to hide from it. Like the first sliver of sunlight breaking the darkness of the night, it will light up your life again. You may not recognize it at first for what it is, you may deny it all together. That’s okay. Take your time. Good things, no, great things, take time.

You forgot what love is because someone hurt you so badly you no longer remember. Or maybe, what you experienced before wasn’t love at all. Let me help you remember what love truly is.

Love is kindness. Love is a warm embrace. Love is soothing words. Love is not just listening, but understanding too. Love is humor and laughter. Love is never ending support. Love is a prayer on a bad day. Love is enjoying all the time spent together. Love is being able to speak your mind without fear of judgment. Love is friendship. Love is faith. Love is respect. Love is perseverance. Love is openness and honesty. Love is patience. Love is a hand that will always hold yours. Love is letting someone go because you believe they deserve better. Love is them holding on regardless. Love is fun. Love is excitement. Love is comfort. Love is whoever makes you feel like you are home in their arms. Love, my friends, love is real.

What a monumental realization.

You’ll know what I mean when love comes to you, because as hard as you try to hide, as hard as you try to deny yourself of it, love will find you when it’s time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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