This Is Your Morning ‘Good Vibes’ Playlist

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Annie Spratt

Music understands and speaks to every emotion we ever feel. Sometimes, the lyrics of a song understand us even better than another person can. This is the incomparable magic of music. When you are sad, there’s a song to pull you out of it. When you are angry, there are lyrics that get you and help you calm down. When you are in love, there’s a song that describes your relationship perfectly. When you are happy, there’s a song that conveys the joy you feel. When you need a pick me up, there’s a song, or 20, to get your mood up. So turn the volume all the way up, let the sunshine in, and dance through your morning routine.

1.  When you are feeling grateful for life:

2.  When you need a reminder that change is good:

3.  When you are feeling bold and brave:

4.  When you have found a forever person:

5.  When you need a reminder that there is more to life:

6.  When you know you’re going to be okay:

7.  When you accept and love yourself as you are:

8.  When you are in a Cali mood:

9.  When you hold on to your faith in love:

10. When you know you’re better off without them:

11. When you are flying in love:

12. When nothing is holding you back:

13.  When you believe in a better tomorrow:

14. When you are living your best life after a breakup:

15. When you just need to shake off the haterz: 

16. When you know you know you are someone special to someone:

17. When you are feeling grateful for your bestie:

18.  When you know you have found the one:

19.  When you are feeling like you’re on top of the world:

20.  When you need a reminder to never stop believing:

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