These Are The 10 Rules Of Contentment

Woman in retro circle glasses closing her eyes and relaxing
Katya Austin / Unsplash

1. Be happy and grateful for what you have, when you have it, for as long as you have it. We have a bad habit of always asking for more, more, more. Know that what you have been given was meant for you, no less and no more. What you don’t have now, you don’t need now.

2. Don’t compare your story to anyone else’s. Comparison is a thief of joy. Your path is unique and specifically built for you by the universe and God. Just because someone else has checked off something on their timeline and you haven’t, doesn’t mean that you’re behind or lacking. It’s just not your time yet. And if a door doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

3. Understand that life happens with you, not to you. Every door that closes is a door no longer meant for you. Every problem that arises is trying to teach you something. Every ache is an opportunity for growth.

4. Be more than enough for yourself. Be whole on your own. The best way to put good out into the world and into the lives of others is when you are at your best.

5. Change is a thing you can count on. No one stays the same. Understand and accept that change is necessary. We are constantly learning and evolving and shaping ourselves to be our most optimum. You are not broken, you are growing and healing.

6. Don’t hold on to the past. Don’t hold grudges. You don’t have to forgive someone to move on. You don’t need an apology to find your inner peace. You just need to understand the lessons the universe and God needed you to see. Self-reflect, learn, grow, and be like Elsa from Frozen and let it go. 

7.  Stop living your life for someone else, whether that’s your parents, a friend, a partner, or society. Know that your life is your own. Settling for something you don’t want because others want it for you will only make you and everyone around you unhappy and resentful in the long run.

8. Invest in experiences and in people. Material things come and go and can only bring you momentary satisfaction. You can buy new things all the time, but it’s your time that you won’t get back. Use it wisely doing what you love, with the people you love.

9. Think positive thoughts. We are sometimes our own worst enemies because negative thoughts hold us back. Learn to master your mind and exude positivity. There is always a silver lining, a blessing in disguise, and an upside to every situation.

10. Your life becomes your masterpiece when you learn to be at peace.  Let go of the notion that everything falling into place will bring you peace. TC mark

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