I Miss You, But I Understand Why We Don’t Talk Anymore

Read This When You Need A Reminder That God Is Always Watching

God knows our hearts better than we do.

When you stray too far from your path, God nudges you back in the right direction. Every setback you face is God working hard, letting you know this door is not your door. Maybe for a while it was because He needed you to learn something, He needed you to grow. When a door closes, God is preparing you for the next one that will open. Every triumph is God rewarding you, saying “This is why I couldn’t give you what you believed you wanted then because this is what you deserve now.”

When you think something has gone very wrong in your life, this is God preparing you for what is so very right.

Think of all the times you felt like you lost something. Then think of all the times afterward that something much worthier for you came along. You realized you didn’t need what you thought you wanted because God had more in store for you.

Maybe you were hoping and praying to land a particular job. You felt that it was the ideal position for you. All your friends were happy in their roles and you wanted this one because you felt it would make you happy too. You end up getting that dreaded email, “Dear so and so, we’d like to thank you for your time but have decided to go forward with another candidate….” Or something along those lines. We have all gotten one of those emails. We have all felt dejected and defeated because of those words.

What did you do next after you got that rejection email? You probably had a few drinks with friends, maybe you cried, maybe you laughed it off and said, “oh well.” All reactions are understandable. We’ve all been there and done that. Then what? You pushed yourself, didn’t you? You tried harder on the next interview, didn’t you? And you ultimately landed a better role for you, all the while bettering yourself.

That one rejection, or how many ever, led you to working harder. It made you self-reflect and analyze how you could better yourself and ultimately better your career.

This is God saying, “I am always watching. This is not the one for you. Stay strong, there is something better coming.”

Maybe you found out that your partner cheated on you. You don’t understand and it makes no sense to you because you thought everything was good, you two were so in love. So what went wrong? What happened? You don’t recall seeing any red flags, you don’t understand how this person who came off so good is really so cruel and immoral. Until God opens your eyes and makes you aware of the red flags that were present all along. Until God gives you clarity and helps you see what you had been missing.

Maybe you truly and purely believed this person was your person, but all the while you had been giving up pieces of who you are to be the right person for them. Maybe you were loving them more than you loved yourself. Maybe, you were always too good for them, but you couldn’t see it until God had to show you.

What did you do once you started to put your heart back together? You pushed yourself, didn’t you? You found your passions again, didn’t you? You began to fall in love with yourself, didn’t you? You stopped thinking other people and things should fill holes in your life and began to fill them yourself, didn’t you?

That person cheating on you led you to better yourself. It helped you understand that you have to love yourself first. It opened you up to growth and positive change.

The reveal of this person cheating on you, and ultimately the revelation of their true character, is God saying, “I am always watching. You thought this person was good enough for you, let me show you what they are really like. I have far greater things planned for you.”

When life brings you down and you are feeling helpless, look up and know that help is always there. He is always there. Understand that what may seem like one of the worst things to ever happen to you, is most likely a blessing in disguise.

Know that if you get rejected from something, if a relationship fails, if you lose something, it is not because you are not worthy, but rather that it is not worthy of you.

This is God saying, “I am watching. I am always watching. I hear your prayers, I hear your pleas. I said not yet, I ask that you believe in me.”  TC mark

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