25 Essentials Every 20-Something Woman Needs In Her Life

1. Don’t ask, “What if I’m never going to be happy?” Instead, change your mindset. Ask yourself, “What can I do every day that makes me happy?”

2. Don’t go searching for happiness. It is something you create, not something you stumble upon.

3. No one defines your worth except you. To give someone else this power is stripping it away from yourself.

4. Never make big decisions when you are extremely angry or extremely sad. Most of the time, the decision you end up making was made in haste.

5. There is so much more to you than whether or not you are in a relationship or are married by a specific age. First and foremost, you are your own person.

6. Forget about the people that wounded you but always remember what you learned because of them.

7. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Be afraid to settle.

8. Your career does not define you. Your hobbies do not define you. You are a masterpiece built of many different layers.

9. If a man tells you that you are too much for him, he is actually admitting he is not enough for you. Never apologize for being abundant.

10. Building a life you are proud of takes time. Let the universe guide you and allow things to fall into place naturally.

11. Your thoughts are seeds you plant in your mind. It is up to you whether you decide to grow flowers or weeds. Positive thinking goes a long way.

12. You don’t have to be good at everything. Find the things you love and be great at them.

13. Self-love is not selfish. Take care of yourself so that you can be and do your absolute best.

14. There is more to life than marriage. That is just one part of life, not life itself.

15. Bad things will happen. We would never appreciate the good times if we didn’t have to struggle through the tough ones to get there.

16. Do not be afraid to speak up. Some people might have liked it better when you stayed quiet, this is even more of a reason to not.

17. Become comfortable in your own skin. It is a difficult yet fulfilling process.

18. Do not put your happiness in someone else’s hands. You are in charge of the life you want to live, no one else.

19. Life will throw so much your way and some days you will feel at your lowest. Trust yourself and know that you will bounce back stronger than before, every single time.

20. It is okay to be both sassy and sweet. Don’t ever apologize for being who you are.

21. You cannot fully love others without loving everything you are first.

22. In your journey to be the woman you want to be, you will lose things. Fight for this woman no matter what. Better things will come your way.

23. We spend money to be beautiful on the outside. Spend as much time and effort to be beautiful on the inside too.

24. You don’t need social approval. You need your own approval.

25. Being in your 20s is scary, overwhelming, exciting, exhilarating, and confusing. You may think you are lost but you’re not. You’re on your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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