10 Reminders For Anyone Who Loves With Their Heart On Their Sleeve

1.  You are too full of life and love to be loved halfway.

2.  It will hurt tremendously when someone rejects you. Remind yourself that nice things are rejected all the time by people who can’t afford them.

3.  Giving is your nature, it is as easy to you as breathing. One day you will learn the difficult way that you gave too much to the wrong people. This day must happen in order for you to learn who deserves your warmth.

4.  Your heart is always on your sleeve, this is not a sign of weakness. This is a constant act of bravery because you are never afraid to be vulnerable.

5.  Do not let the world take away your kindness. It takes an immense amount of courage to remain kind after you have been bruised and beaten, but this will be your biggest win.

6.  You were born to love, to inspire others to love, this is your most powerful weapon. You create relationships with this power, you bring joy to the world with this gift. You are the embodiment of joy. Never let the bad things that happen take away this power inside of you.

7.  You are the ones who hurt the most because you give so much without ever expecting or asking for the same level of love back. This is how you learn that it is not crazy to want to be loved the way you love the world.

8.  You are a fighter, it is your natural instinct to hold on tight and wish to make things right and fix every crack. You must remind yourself that your love is powerful and vast, but it is not a glue that can fill someone’s cracks. That is not your job.

9.  Letting go is necessary. You struggle with this, you don’t like to see people leave. Your heart hurts at the very thought, but know that letting go is not the loss of something, but an opening for something greater and more deserving to come into your life.

10. You are too loving, too compassionate, too caring, too deep. You will always be these things, and whoever made you feel like this was wrong didn’t, and still doesn’t deserve someone like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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