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I know what it’s like to be a budding writer—to entertain the feelings of self-doubt, vulnerability, and downright frustration that come with the territory. But I also know what it’s like to build a life as a writer, and I can assure you it’s worth every lesson in humility and dedication it takes to get there. There’s no magic handbook for getting published, but the first step is submitting to someone like me, who’s aching to read the work of every ambitious, committed creative out there, whatever their style or area of interest. Why? It’s my passion. As someone who benefited so much from the generosity, heartfelt advice, and kindness of others in establishing her career, there’s nothing more rewarding than returning the favor.

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Thought Catalog is an independent digital magazine based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Founded in 2010, over the last several years we have helped countless creatives establish careers in the arts and voice their stories and ideas to millions of people. We have provided a home for an eclectic form of expression for emerging and established writers alike. We welcome everyone to join the Thought Catalog community and look forward to reading your writing.

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