5 Reasons Why The Most Intelligent Girls Talk To Themselves

An intelligent girl who talks to herself
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Ever since I was capable of deciphering life, I have had a train running in my head.

“The train of thoughts.” But somehow this train used to escape my skull and reach my lips. Unknowingly, I have always been conversing with myself.

To a person sitting next to me, this may have appeared weird. But I always felt that this was very natural until one day I freaked out my mother as she saw me sitting by the dining table shouting to myself.

It’s never like I am talking to a second person. I am talking to the person who is talking: a single person doing the listening and speaking. I started to find this strange myself but could never stop myself from doing this. Maybe I know the reasons why.

1. Thoughts are heavy.

My mind works at a very fast pace, at least I think so. Due to this, sometimes the thoughts just become so overwhelming that my brain has to let go.

To not put the ideas in the bin, my brain simply transfers them to my mouth so that I can ponder over them immediately and finish with them. The burden of having so many thoughts would really put my mind under constant stress. Thankfully, I have adopted this mechanism of transfer of thoughts.

If you relate to this, try talking to yourself. It does relieve a lot of tension.

2. It increases motivation.

There is a certain emotional experience after reading a powerful quote, watching an inspiring TED Talk, or looking at the night sky. It makes you feel alive in an unconventional manner. You feel over-energized, unusually motivated. You feel like shouting.

If you have ever written about something that is really meaningful to you, you will automatically notice that you are speaking it out loud, your eyes are watering, your typing speed is increasing. This produces your best piece of writing. Because if you talk to yourself an aura of motivation is created around you and your Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk.

3. It helps in processing things better.

You are thinking about your next presentation and suddenly a thought about the ice cream in your fridge pops up. I am sure everyone experiences something like this. Your brain is a haystack with different needles. If you try to pick up one needle in the haystack, you are likely to get confused by the other needles.

But if you completely separate the needle, there is no more confusion. It is difficult to ponder on a single thing when it is surrounded by so many other things. Talking to yourself separates out a particular thing and puts all your focus on it. It not only makes you understand the thing better but also makes you more efficient.

4. It keeps away the distractions.

It is true that speaking keeps you more occupied than thinking. When your tongue is moving, so much of energy is going there that there is no extra energy left to check Facebook or stare at that person sitting at the other desk. This makes any kind of work quicker and easier and to some extent interesting.

5. Sometimes the silence is too loud.

I don’t know if this is a common experience for everyone, but for me, this happens quite frequently. I feel that sometimes, due to certain experiences, a certain emotion is triggered that leaves a blank space in my head.

If then there is no one to talk to or nothing to divert my thoughts too, it becomes really difficult. It is one of these times when silence starts hurting, it doesn’t suit the situation. If I can talk to myself in these times, I get self-assurance that at least there is someone who will always be there and that is myself.

You may deny it, but the truth is that sometimes we all forget that we are there for ourselves and sometimes that is enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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