One Last Thing Before You Kill Him

Andy Mort
Andy Mort

You’re there. You are holding your weapon of choice and your mind is made up. I am not here to judge you. You have your reasons and it is too late to turn back.

If you don’t mind I would like to run something by you. You have all the time in the world. He does not. In fact, he has about two to three minutes left, depending on how long your patience lasts.

Just look at him. He looks peaceful doesn’t he? Well maybe not to you, but as I said I am not here to judge. I simply want to say something before you do something that you cannot take back. It will change your life. Sure, your revenge will be satisfied but it won’t bring her back. I know that it is still a sore subject, so I apologize.

I digress. My way of viewing this situation is what I am here to share and I am taking up your time. Your time that you will spend ending his life. Ending his existence. Maybe he will continue on somewhere else, but I know you are not religious so that has not crossed your mind.

As you prepare to end his life think about how it started. His parents, whether they are together or not, alive or dead, they made him. They could have been married, or his father could have taken advantage of his mother. Regardless, he was conceived.

His mother lived with him inside of her for nine months give or take a few weeks, unless he was drastically premature, but let’s play the odds and say he was on time.

So for nine months he was one with his mother, and no matter the circumstances of his conception, she loved him and he loved her, although he did not know it yet. Read up on Oedipus if you need an explanation.

He was born. Maybe the father was around and maybe he wasn’t. Your soon to be victim was brought into the world. To make this easy let’s say he had a fairly simple life. His mother did her best to raise him well and his father was indeed around. They made a decent living so your victim had a decent childhood. His issues ranged from playground scuffles to arguing with his mother about curfew.

Fast forward to about ten years ago. He finds a girl he likes. Cute. Funny. They date for a while and get married. You already know this, but I think you do need a reminder.

They have a great life together, or so he thinks. She starts to get bored and meets another man. The other man admits that it is wrong, but he can’t help himself. He loves her. He knows he is ruining a good thing.

She starts to take their situation more seriously. She wants it to stop being a secret. He knows this is a terrible idea, but she does it anyway. Her husband finds out. He loses his mind and does the unthinkable. He snaps and kills her. It was a brutal scene, but the problem is that it has yet to be discovered. That is, except by you.

You were just coming over to reveal yourself as the man she wanted to be with, because you thought it was the respectable thing to do, or something like that.

You walked in and saw the pool of blood. Then you saw her face, but it was unrecognizable. Before you could even get sad you heard him snoring from the other room. Your shock overcame you and you grabbed the nearest knife on the counter and now here we are. You are about to end the man’s life whose life you ruined, and the one who has now ruined yours.

Sure, you are simply doing to him what he did to her, but you still don’t know if you have it in you. Hell, you don’t even know his name. She never said it around you, because she didn’t want him to exist. And frankly, you did not want to know his name. Did not want him to be a real person, rather just an idea. But now that idea is a living, breathing human whose life you are about to end.

You may wonder why I am saying all this. I think I am beginning to question my motive as well. I just know that you are not a murderer. Call it revenge, but it is murder and it is not the answer.

Once you kill him, he is gone. He will not suffer for his crime. Don’t you want him to have to suffer here on Earth?

He will be shamed in front of everyone he knows. He will be labeled a murderer. He will be a pariah. He may even be put to death for what he did and if not, he will never survive in prison once his crime is public knowledge.

Just think about that before you do this. Think about his mother. Think about his father. He is a murderer, but his sudden death will shock his family. They will remember the time they spent with him. His mother will touch her stomach in remembrance of when her son was no larger than the size of a drop of blood.

I just want you to disregard everything he has done to her, as hard as that is, and think about what you are planning to do. This is not you. You are better than this. Honor her memory and bring his crimes to light.

Sorry, I know you’re growing impatient with me. You know I will always back you in whatever you do. All I ask you to do is think. I’ll be outside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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