When ‘Less Is More,’ More Or Less

Maturing takes more time these days. It’s tempting to want to take short cuts to internet stardom and easier as Vine has proven with the likes of Shawn Mendes. We all can influence, win or lose audiences at a faster pace. But taking a stand or making observations (insightful or not) at least provides folks with a way to consider something different than what is being presented through traditional means.

My less informed self has more restraint these days, but it’s becoming apparent that less is more, more or less. Maturing is more aptly described as learning from the 2015 off-the-cuff remark that might come back to haunt your 2020 self when someone else considers your online persona.

But saying “no” doesn’t come easy when pulling the trigger on a controversial Tweet might generate a response from someone you have never met before. Or writing a blog post about sexual relationships that has a cunning rapport with the stressful NYC lifestyle is SO important. Is it about you? Is it empathetic or ironic?

I’m still writing. I write every day I can think of something. It’s a line or two, but mostly because it’s mine. It’s not trendy or packaged neatly. It doesn’t come with a TV or personal handbook. Sometimes I write to just hear the sound of the keys.

Less is more because it doesn’t have to come from your brain to Word, to the internet. Erasing the past isn’t as easy as it once was. These indelible marks describe our ambitions, troubles and beliefs. It’s as if we have lived in a cone of silence that has cracked open to reveal a natural new noise.

It’s so new that more thoughtful criticism is necessary to challenge our techniques. We mature when we become more human. But unfortunately some mistakes are too stained to erase. We might not even remember it, but now it holds us until we’re ready to breakthrough again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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