13 Women Describe What Their Boyfriend’s Semen Tastes Like

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1. Fresh oysters

“I gawked a little the first time I tried it. It reminded me about the taste and feel of raw oysters, only a little more watery. There’s also the pervasive taste of salt, which I really am not fond of. I don’t know why it’s so important to guys that you swallow, but every single one of them seems to enjoy it when you do. I guess it turns them on.” — Kathryn, 26

2. Old pennies

“Every man seems to taste different. Sometimes very bitter, others are sweeter tasting. But most of the time there is always this lingering aftertaste of pennies in my mouth. Like really old pennies with an acidic taste to it. But you kinda get used to it.” — Amanda, 20

3. Creamy chlorine cleanser

“My man’s semen smells like cleaning products used for bleaching. I’d say it tastes like a creamy chlorine cleanser with a bleachy flavor. And it always leaves this really awkward taste at the back of my throat. No wonder why most women don’t like it. Semen is something that is not worth tasting, unless you really love the guy.” — Cassandra, 31

4. Black truffle

“Actually, I don’t mind the taste of it. It’s not that I love it, but I can live with it. It’s just like a thick liquid with a salty taste to it. It somehow tastes like Black truffle.” — Kirstie, 39

5. Balloons

“Do you remember that taste you had when you chewed on a balloon as a kid? That’s exactly how my boyfriend’s semen tastes like, only a lot saltier. I guess it’s not that bad at all. It might not be for everyone, but you’ll never know until you try.” — Sophia, 20

6. Salty mushrooms

“My boyfriend’s cum has an acidic and bitter taste most of the time. I always get the impression I have some salty and very thick liquid in my mouth that has a distinct flavour of mushrooms. It’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted before, and the texture is also very unique.” — Marsha, 22

7. Salty seawater

“During my time in college I’ve given a lot of head, so I know firsthand that flavors somewhat differ. It’s not only that each man’s semen tastes different, but also that the taste of one man can vary heavily. It depends on what they eat or drink. But if I had to pin it down to one common denominator, I’d say it always tastes like salty seawater. Sometimes it’s really viscous and burns a little in the back of my throat. Other times it’s a little sweet and not at all thick, but really watery.” — Helena, 27

8. Soap

“Well, I wouldn’t say semen tastes delicious or anything, but it’s okay-ish. Sometimes it makes me feel icky, because it has this soapy off-taste to it. At the same time, it’s not entirely repulsive either. Most guys enjoy it when a girl swallows, so I just do it and get on. And who says that the favor isn’t returned?” — Sandra, 21

9. Slimy pool water

“It’s like slimy pool water. The taste of semen can be really salty, with a slight flavor of chlorine mixed with sour apple. I guess it’s because of the taste of chlorine that it makes me think I have slimy pool water in my mouth. Some say it’s not bad for you, but I prefer to spit it out.” — Eve, 25

10. Tasteless jibber

“Usually, there’s no taste at all. I mean it’s a little salty, a little bitter and sometimes a little sweet, but there’s not much of a distinct flavor. Just like tasteless jibber. If a girl doesn’t enjoy swallowing, she can just have her man pull out and come all over her. Another good idea is to get your boyfriend a swallow of his own if he is really obsessed with the idea of you swallowing.” — Tasha, 22

11. Salty goo

“I’m convinced there are some chemicals in my husband’s semen that get me really aroused. It’s like an aphrodisiac to me. I just love every aspect of it, the warmth, the unique taste, really everything, even the smell. I even enjoy swallowing his cum. Some men have a really thick seminal fluid, others are more watery. Some of them really seemed to explode when they came, others just dribbled.” — Victoria, 43

12. Bad sour cream

“My hubby’s cum tastes really awful. Like sour cream that has gone bad. It also has this really awkward odor to it. The guys before him had an acceptable taste, sadly my man hasn’t. I wish I could convince him to change his nutrition. But I don’t think this will ever happen, so I just go without oral sex.” — Jennifer, 37

13. Shampoo

“Personally, I really don’t like the whole feel to it. It somehow tastes like salty shampoo, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Its texture is so awkward and slimy that I really try to avoid it as much as I can. My boyfriend has no problem with using a condom for a blow job. Lucky me, I guess.” — Kathleen, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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