The First ‘Entourage Movie’ Trailer Is Here! (Will It All Work Out?)


I was a big fan of Entourage when it ran. I was also a big fan of this excellent parody College Humor made about the series — since every episode seemed to revolve around whether or not Vince was gonna do the movie (and the fact that he always seemed to end up doing the movie) there was quite a bit of room to poke fun.

The first trailer for next summer’s full-length Entourage movie dropped earlier today, giving us a glimpse at the storyline — from the trailer, it appears that Vince is starring in a movie about a weird alien dubstep sensation, perhaps financed by Ari. From the trailer alone, it looks like we’ve got a wealth of cameos, in-jokes, and everything else that made Entourage one of the biggest series’ of the 2000s. And hopefully, it’s all gonna work out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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