25 Best Hipster Buzzwords In ‘New York Times’ “Hipsturbia” Piece

The New York Times
The New York Times

The New York Times recently ran yet another trend piece on those damn hipsters, this time covering the apparently-actually-a-thing “hipsters invading suburbia.” The piece is called “Creating Hipsturbia,” a title that made me think of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” and a nonexistent Todd Solondz movie about deeply alienated, meth-smoking suburban hipsters who go around terrorizing the locals.

Anyway, I noticed a consistent tactic in the Times piece, which was to use lots of buzzwords to describe this possibly imaginary hipster suburbia while letting the reader know, with a wink, that these effing hipsters are so effing insufferable, look at what they wear/eat/do.

I have compiled below my favorite buzzword phrases for your enjoyment. Here’s looking at you, writer of yet another New York Times hipster trend piece, Alex Williams.

1. lunch-hour vinyasa classes

2. Dutch-style bikes

3. farm-to-table restaurant

4. edible nasturtiums [Editor’s note: I have no idea what a nasturtium is, edible or otherwise.]

5. monofloral honey produced by nomadic beekeepers in Sicily

6. gluten-free red-velvet cupcakes

7. windows decorated with bird silhouettes

8. heritage-clad novelist type

9. ironic mutton chops

10. shade-grown coffee

11. patisserie

12. statement sneakers

13. urban-zen

14. twee lifestyle

15. bearded mixologists

16. locavore restaurants

17. antler-laden boutiques

18. artisanal vegan soap

19. wheat-paste sloganeering

20. acupuncturist

21. Galapagos Art Space mind-set

22. felted-wool gazelle heads

23. sustainable fish

24. barrel-aged cocktails

25. D.I.Y. hobbies

This article also includes the following quote, from Ari Wallach, a “futurism consultant”: “Hastings-on-Hudson is a village, in a Wittgensteinian sort of way.” Nice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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