Don’t Just Chase Your Dreams, Turn Them Into Reality

Did you ever daydream while you were in grade school? Chew on your orange pencil grip and stare out the window, wondering how one day your band that is equally as successful as The Beatles would also juggle your rather tight NBA schedule? Did the dreaming also continue into high school? Staring out the window and listening to the highway, wishing you were on it, going anywhere so long as it was bigger than where you were?Did that dreaming just never really stop? Do you find almost wherever you are, you’re dreaming up some sort of scenario? That’s not a bad thing.

Dreamers are the people who keep the world interesting. They’re the ones who dream up new situations, ideas, and different realities, hopefully introducing them to the world. They’re the small town bartender, whose dreams about far-off places and new opportunities help him stomach long nights of empty repetition. They’re the teacher who takes a few years off to explore new parts of the world, who paints on her roof, to leave no doubts that the way of life she chooses will be best for her. They’re the people who wake up one morning after dreaming a melody and write the song “Yesterday” from it. All these people’s dreams help inspire, motivate, and soothe their restless souls. Dreamers are helping make the world a better place.

The world is full of unsatisfied people, who believe that sometimes feeling nothing at all is the worst type of pain. This can come from a multitude of reasons. Most commonly, it stems from not knowing exactly what one wants to do with their life or being made to feel you should be “further” along in life. Often it can feel like fighting an unforgiving tide, trying to reach for a hopeful shore. I’d venture to say that it’s a feeling of being “in limbo.” Not in a bad place, but not where you want to be. This can be a frustrating place and can prevent you from feeling the good things around you.

A fault of many dreamers is that they stay in their dreams. Instead of realizing these dreams, they allow themselves to live their life and then have their dream become reality. When they focus on the present, they convince themselves they’re busy and occupied, but typically, people waste time on the wrong things. Browsing the Internet shouldn’t take up most of your day, the boy who should like you but doesn’t won’t like you more because you don’t stop thinking about him, the job you’re trying to leave shouldn’t consume you. All of this can lead to one of the most dangerous things an individual can do with their life: settle.

Never allow yourself to settle for what you don’t think will make you most happy. Always be pushing for the top of that highest mountain. Don’t use “I’m figuring it out” as a crutch. Take the time to be figuring it out, but don’t sleep on life because you feel entitled to the time. Excelsior.

Dreaming is inherently good. In many cases, we need to imagine things for them to happen. To make it positive is to realize you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, but manifest them. It’s the difference between someone who has “grown up” and someone who is “a kid at heart.” They’ve still grown, they just haven’t given up on themselves. Just don’t be lured into the trap of only dreaming for your break. You have to make it happen — force it to happen. You need to be annoying about it. Things will conspire if you work and will for them.

Personally, I will always be a dreamer. It took me longer than I would have liked, but I seem to have realized I don’t have to be apologetic about it. I only have to apologize to myself for living behind them for so long. It doesn’t make life easier to go after the big dreams, but it makes it that much more rewarding. For now, I can be content knowing I’m working towards more, and happy for where I am along the way. It will never be a bad thing to know you’re doing what will be best for you, and what will make you happiest in the end. Don’t sacrifice the gift. Keep trudging, and keep dreaming.

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