The Real Housewives Of The Pentagon Just Got Real

You know your life has hit a bit of a rough patch when it starts to resemble something that could easily be mistaken for the latest installment of a Real Housewives episode. Nothing says “I’m in desperate need of a life intervention” like the public unravelling/irrevocable demolition of your personal life. And yes I’m looking at you, former General David Petraeus.

Luckily for us and unluckily for Mr. Petraeus, Slate V has saved us all the energy of trying to draw parallels in our minds between Bravo’s notoriously tacky, guiltiest of pleasures and Petraeus’ real life messy trail of infidelity. Now all we have to do is sit back and watch as this fake trailer helps us blur the line between reality TV and actual reality! How fun/depressing!

So go ahead –head over to Slate and enjoy their trailer for The Real Housewives of the Pentagon, emphasis on the “real.” TC Mark

image – Slate

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