Oh Look, It’s My Worst Nightmare!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was always under the impression that there was an unspoken societal pact in which we, as a nation/world, were trying to PREVENT (not ENCOURAGE) little girls from cultivating things like shallow tendencies and/or a set of values rooted materialism, with an unhealthy emphasis on vanity.

But now, to my utter dismay, it seems as though a legitimate effort has been made in hopes of achieving the absolute reverse. How scary! Based on the premise of the newest “educational” video game released by IDEA Studios, it appears as though there’s a group of people out there who feel like little girls should not only be conditioned to favor and hone these negative traits, but they should actually have ASSISTANCE (via said kid-friendly video game) that allows this evil process to appear fun and playful! At the risk of getting all cantankerous grandma up in here, I’m really left to wonder: WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!

Upper East Side Makeover” sets out to teach kids how to conquer the world of social climbing and over-the-top hygienic upkeep. Young girls (and boys) are virtually rewarded for getting dolled up and applying makeup with a larger social-climbing agenda serving as their carrot on a stick. This feels like an episode of Gossip Girl, except in this week’s installment, no one is acting or being ironic! And unfortunately there’s no remote powerful enough to tune out this superficial nightmare turned real life crisis.

XOXO Hide your children! TC Mark

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