Here’s The Strength You Need To Face Another Day

When you feel like nobody understands, remember that I do.

When you feel like the world is caving in and there’s too much pain behind the bones beneath your skin, remember that I survived.

You don’t need to feel alone. Not now, not ever.

And I know you’re tired. I know you’re inches away from the edge and not sure how long you can convince yourself not to give in and fall. I understand. Believe me I do.

But if you can survive this, you can survive anything.

This was never the life meant for you. You were never here to suffer. Somewhere along your path, the clouds above your head that always threatened to burst finally let go — and you began to drown.

Help me. Help me. Why won’t anyone help me?

Because, darling, you need to help yourself. If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that no one in the world can stop the pain except for you.

It’s to choose to move forward, day in and day out, even when your heart aches and your soul collapses. It’s to learn to love yourself, to allow others to love you without limitation, and to believe in your core you deserve that love.

Stop looking in the mirror and agonizing over every flaw you think you see. Stop continuing to destroy yourself without even realizing it. Stop closing yourself off from the world outside your door.

Life won’t stop for you. The sun will still rise. The earth will still spin. Days will come and days will go.

As hard as things may be now, there will always be better times ahead. I can promise you.

It doesn’t matter if it takes the chemical in a pill to ward off the misery. It doesn’t matter if all it takes is a journey to a quiet beach with a good friend to help you realize the small joys are what’s’ important.

Somehow, someway, you’ll find you can get through.

And one morning you’ll open your eyes and feel the rays of the sun in a way you’ve never before — and you’ll understand that the war you’ve been fighting is over.

That the battle with your demons is no longer holding you caged, and that you’ve won. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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