5 Reasons To Pack Up & Go


1. You want a life beyond your childhood home.

Each of Eric and I’s families didn’t move much for most of our childhoods. By the time we each survived high school and college, we were ready to expand our horizons. We cycled through Staten Island, Jersey City, and now California, to find a place beyond our childhood homes. It was scary to think of leaving everything we knew behind.

However, we still have our wonderful family and friends who we talk to as often as possible. We’re grateful to have a few places to go when it comes time to travel. We conquered a personal fear that held both of us back. Moving to a unfamiliar place, knowing less than a handful of people, and starting a new, independent life from scratch has been our biggest accomplishment yet.

2. You have a temporary place to stay.

“Opportunity doesn’t knock twice.” – Gloria Estefan

Eric and I are so incredibly grateful to have had a place to stay when first arriving in California. My Dad and Step-mom hosted us until we got on our feet. We wouldn’t have been able to make our dreams a reality without their generous support.

If you have family or friends willing to host you until you get on your feet, consider it. If you’re offered a job in another state, do it. Connect with family and friends, someone is sure to be willing to lend a couch for a few weeks until you get that first pay check. People who offer you a place to crash are gifting you an amazing opportunity. Have gratitude, let them be part of your adventure, and help out while you stay with them as much as possible. Do your part!

3. You have an itch to travel.

I never did a proper semester abroad in college. I was lucky enough to do a two-week Expanding Your Horizons program my freshman year, taking me to London, England. Eric hadn’t traveled since the summer before his senior year of high school.

Needless to say, we had the travel bug. Moving to a new state helped to heal our regret of not traveling aboard in college. Living in a new place always comes with the exciting opportunity to experience new culture, local treasures, and new scenery.

4. You’re overdue for a dynamic change.

Although scary at times, change can be a very positive thing. You can make healthy decisions that will grow you into the person you want to be. Eric and I wanted to be more independent. After many nights of questioning and researching, we decided a big move was the way to go. What better way to prepare and move towards the future you want is there than to make the appropriate changes?

Your dreams won’t just come true, you have to make them your reality. The internet gives young people a ridiculous amount of resources to find the best way to handle almost any situation. It’s up to you to utilize it.

5. You can’t stop questioning everything.

Eric and I continued to question the living and working in NYC. Did we like being in a city? Did we enjoy the chaos? We communicated our feelings and made a decision together.

To this day, we try to communicate our feelings without any boundaries. What’s the point of living with a partner if you have communication boundaries? We try not to keep anything from each other and grow together each and every day. Life is better with a partner who wants to grow and learn with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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