Why I Love To Run (Even Though I Suck At It)

I have always been an athlete, but I’m not a runner. When I was younger, I did cross country and dreaded that mile and a half every Sunday morning when I could have been sleeping late. Whenever we did sprints at basketball or laps at softball, I would be one of the last to finish.

After high school, when sports became hobby I enjoyed a few times a week, I still wanted to be physically active. The school gym was often crowded or had broken machines so I took to the pavement. I can’t run the fastest or the farthest and I never will, but I love running.

I love that it gives me a chance to be outside on a gorgeous day. After eight hours in the office, I finally get to enjoy the sun and fresh air even if it is for less than an hour. It’s so much better than sitting and watching TV for hours until I go to bed.

I love using my own two legs to explore. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is take a morning jog and investigate the surrounding area. It has helped me discover cool museums, restaurants, or other attractions to revisit later in my trip.

I love putting my phone on airplane mode and having time to myself. I get to listen to music that makes me happy and see scenes I enjoy. I get to think about whatever I want. I work out solutions to my problems or just recap my day.

I love that it makes me feel good. Endorphins are no joke. Once I’ve caught my breath and had a big gulp of water, I actually do feel happier. I caught runner’s high just once and I hope I get to experience that euphoric feeling again.

I love the sense of accomplishment after completing a run. Whether it’s after an evening jog or a 5K with people cheering you on at the finish line, you got out there and did it. Maybe it wasn’t the longest or fastest or farthest you’ve ever run, but maybe next time will be.

I love simply having the ability to run because I know some people don’t, and they would love nothing more than to feel the wind on their faces.

I know I’ll never win a marathon, but who said you have to be the best at something to do it? Paint a crappy picture, sing off-key, or dance like a maniac. Don’t do it for the likes on Facebook or to be judged. Do it because it’s what you enjoy. Run because you love it, and because you’re running for yourself. Nobody else. At the end, it’ll always just be you and the road. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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