10 Things That Show You’re Dating The Wrong Man


1. You initiate more contact then he does

If you find yourself contacting him more then he contacts you he most likely is not that into you. Sometimes you hear statements like maybe he is shy. In some cases, this might be true but a man that wants you will make it known. He will make sure he is in constant contact with you to prove his interest, trust, reliability, and that he thinks about you all the time. A man that is interested in you will always have you on his mind and want to talk to you. You should make contact as well but it should be mutual. If you find yourself constantly texting, calling, messaging him and he does not reciprocate the same behavior then you know you are putting too much effort into the wrong person.

2. He never calls

We live in an age where texting is the main choice of ways to communicate. However, a man who is serious about his interest in you will want to hear your voice and call you. Ask yourself, do you really want a man that can’t take time to pick up the phone to properly ask you out, or even hold a conversation?

3. Inconsistency

A man who is really interested in you and worth your time will be consistent. If he says he’s going to call around 8 o’clock, he will do so. If he says he’s picking you up at 8:30, he will do so. He won’t show up at 9:30 with a lame excuse as to why he’s late. His communication will be fluent and constant. You shouldn’t have to worry why you haven’t heard from him in two days. His actions towards you will be the same especially in front of other people. If he runs into an old female friend and starts treating you like you’re a stranger then he is inconsistent in his actions towards you. If you are interested in someone you will always want to show respect and care all the time.

4. He asks for nude photos before you actually start dating

Selfies are among one of the top dating tools in choosing a mate, I get it. However, a man that respects you and is interested in you not just your appearance will hold off on asking for a nude photo. If he asks you for one you should immediately ask yourself, is this the type of guy that would really treat me with the respect I deserve? Men are visual creatures and want to see a woman’s body but if he can’t wait until he knows you well by actually dating you, then he is only interested in one thing, sex, not a relationship.

5. He is more interested in sex than you

If you find yourself in the “booty call” position, you will probably always be there. If you allow a man to have sex with you without having to put any real effort into you, he will take advantage of your willingness and do so. If you find him contacting for sex, only talking about sex, and otherwise not having any interest unless sex is involved, he is interested in your sex, not you.

6. He doesn’t take you out

A man that is into you will want to take you out. It is that simple. If you find yourself sitting home all the time while he’s out in the social scene then he is not that interested in you. A man that wants you will court you, take you out, want to wow you, and spend time with you.

7. He keeps you a secret

A man that is interested in you will want to show you off. He will want to take in you in public. He will want you to meet his friends, family, and co-workers. He will not keep you a secret. He will want to show how beautiful you are, how much he thinks you are special and how lucky he is to have a woman like you. If you find yourself in the dark with him, you will probably always stay there.

8. Constantly gives you the “I’m busy” excuse

It’s a successful dating tactic. We have all done it before. Think about the guy you used to always blow off. You never wanted to hurt him and tell him the truth and say you weren’t interested so the easy thing to do was say, “I’m busy”. There is no making excuses. A man that is interested no matter how hectic his life gets will always find time for you.

9. Doesn’t remember anything about you

If it has been a few dates of even a few months if the man you are dating doesn’t know some actual facts about you, your life, your interests, dreams, desires, or what makes you happy, then he has no interest in you or your happiness. A man that is interested will want to know everything about you.

10. Doesn’t show any signs of chivalry or respect

Some say chivalry is dead. No it’s not. You are just dating the wrong man. A man that is interested in you will treat you like a woman. He will hold the door, pull out your chair and go out of his way to make romantic gestures. He will also treat you with respect because he respects you. If he does not then he is not interested in you and will give you less valuable treatment because he finds you less valuable and he is not worth your time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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