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Lost Friendships

Rotted shingles decorated the sides of the houses and broken gutters flooded poorly kept lawns, resulting in patches of mud and cracked earth during the summer—which was also when all of the windows were wide open, so when we were…

An Open Letter To Abuse

Three: Times I knocked on the front door of the house that dad’s staying at before I received an answer. I don’t mean that I knocked one-two-three times and stood patiently in the rain. I mean I knocked on three separate occasions on three separate days that all took place coincidentally on a damp fall morning.

Broken Cheekbones

A friend of mine that served two tours in Afghanistan once told me that he would spend the entire day in the blistering desert heat filling sandbags with his small portable shovel. While the rest of his friends relaxed and killed time between orders, he would stack these burlap sacks of sand higher and higher…