You Are More Than A Sunset

Anneliese Phillips
Anneliese Phillips

As you know, I’m someone who falls in love with every sunset or sunrise I encounter. Wherever I am, walking, on a plane, driving, on the bus, it doesn’t matter because I will be in a state of awe for a split moment. I find solace in every stroke of the sky, the streaks of the clouds, contrasting the illuminating sky, blazing with colors, oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples.

For one moment in time, nothing matters. I indulge myself into this irradiating surrounding. Almost as if the sky has wrapped itself around the world, like a comforting blanket. For that split second, nobody is alone. Silly to say I’ve fallen in love with a fleeting painting across the sky, but I have. I was convinced nothing could replicate this feeling. Until you. You’ve interrupted these still moments. Since you’ve come into my life, it’s as if every breathtaking sunset has crafted and recreated itself into you. When I watch the sunset, I see and I feel you. It’s a stab of uncontrollable passion.

Every sunset, puncturing feelings I’ve never felt before. Feelings and sights that put even the most beautiful sunsets to shame. But further, you have made me fall in love with the night sky. I’ve studied the stars, I’ve seen the most captivating starlit night skies. But nothing compares to the infinite constellations of stars in your soul. I thought it’d stop with the skies, but that was only the beginning. I have seen azure oceans, the most powerful sapphire ripples.

But in your eyes, I see the most alluring and sublime waters. They take me to another place, a better place, a place I’ve dreamed of. A place that no sunset or sunrise could ever carry me. I’ve seen how your hair twists and tousles, almost like a river. I’m convinced, you are the reason the sun finds itself on its knees every night. I’ve witnessed your smile, which in itself should be marked more beautiful than the setting sun. I agree, when the sun paints and spirits the sky with fiery, sparkling, effervescent shades and tones, it is magnificent.

I’ve seen you paint my entire world with your light. And you, are far more capturing than any sunset, sunrise, ocean, river, mountain, or starlit sky I’ve seen. You, are far more than breathtaking or beautiful or resplendent. You, in the purest, deepest, form, are pulchritudinous. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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