4 Types Of People I Really Don’t Like

1. The “red light joggers”

People who run are annoying. People who run everyday are even more annoying. They taunt me on the streets with their obnoxious heavy breathing and sweat soaked Nike garb. They migrate in and out of traffic when you’re trying to make the mundane morning trek to school or work and all you want to do is go back to bed. “Get out of my way,” you imagine them saying. “I’m too good for all of you lazy mofos who are walking.” They make running their number one priority, because, I don’t know, I guess it’s good for you, or something. All of this is annoying, but what really gets my blood boiling is when a runner comes up to a red light at the crosswalk and slows down to a casual in-place jog. Seriously? Do you think you’re going to burn x amount of more calories just because you’re daintily moving your legs up and down at a red light? Are you going to be placing first at the Chicago marathon? Probably not. You look pretty stupid. Bonus — you make me want to go home and eat a whole batch of brownies by myself. Go away.

2. The “I say I’ll do something but never do” Friends

There are few things more aggravating than someone telling you they’ll do something for you and leaving you hanging. It’s no wonder I have trust problems. This is especially true in a relationship. “Oh, girlfriend, I’ll totally finish that letter I’ve been writing for you.” “We’re totally going to stay friends and try this relationship thing again when it’s easiest for us.” “I’m not going to let us become strangers, don’t worry.” What do I say to that? PFFFFTTT! People have a tendency to make empty promises, especially when it’s at the expense of the person they love but want to leave. Waiting for someone to fulfill a promise they’ve made is like waiting for Ricky Martin to turn straight. Probably never going to happen. Thus, acquire trust issues and never believe anyone when they say they’ll do something for you, even if it is as small as writing you a letter or taking you out to ice cream.

3. Extreme calorie counters

If TLC could produce a spin off from “Extreme Couponing” and “My Strange Addiction,” I’m sure “Extreme Calorie Counters” would be a huge hit. Examining the nutrition panel on the side of the box and exclaiming how it “Only has 40 calories per serving!” every time you go grocery shopping seems to turn a general appreciation of health and fitness into a obsession with letting the public know what is going into your body and desperation for everyone’s approval. Sandwiches are delicious; starvation is not. There is no inner voice celebrating that mini-victory you feel when you bite down on the first bite of an invisible meal. I know this because I’ve lived with these kinds of girls. It may be emotionally and physically exhausting to be one of these people, but my Lord, is it exhausting to be someone living with this person. Constantly hearing how many calories you’ve consumed, and watching you trot off to the gym to try to reverse the meal you had for breakfast, and listening to you complain about the cramps you get from
taking too many laxatives is literally draining. I promise you, nobody is going to notice if you had a donut and didn’t try to burn it off ASAP. So, please, do yourself and me a favor and enjoy your food. It’s not as bad for you as you think it is.

4. The “Okay, one more picture!” group of people

I recently went out to a lovely dinner with a group of my girlfriends. It was quite a scenery change from the normal hot dog and deep-dish pizza routine, so we made the attempt to perfect our hair, makeup, and outfits before hitting the town for our 8 p.m. (OMG — so adult!) dinner reservation. But before we even opened the door of the apartment to begin our trek, everyone insisted on a mini photo shoot in the living room. “That’s fine — some pictures to remember tonight by.” I figured. We stood in a line and wrapped our arms behind one another, the two girls on the ends with their hands on their hips and the camera on the mantle on self-timer. As soon as the flash went off, everyone raced to the camera to make sure they way they were posing didn’t accentuate their double chins and bad-sides and then insisted on deleting that one and taking another. The girls whipped their hair around and practiced the different smiles to make before the 10-second timer was up and the flash went off again. This pattern continued for about 30 minutes. I mean, come on. Taking pictures for the sake of how you’re going to look online, and not actually enjoying the moment, totally defeats the purpose of the moment. Plus, by the time we got to the restaurant, my hair totally didn’t look as good anymore. Bummer. TC mark

image – Lumilon


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  • Tyler

    People that misuse “every day” and “everyday” are annoying. Stopped reading. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryanbonfanti Ryan Bonfanti

      Way to bitch. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/grc15r Gregory Costa

      Everyday I wonder why people can be so petty about every day trivialities.

  • yadrebma

    “Sandwiches are delicious; starvation is not.” Never has a truer statement been spoken. 

  • Lee

    I’m definitely a #1, but I agree with #2-#4.  Running in place is helpful to make sure that you don’t stop running, because once you stop, it’s hard to start back up again!

    • http://twitter.com/__ruhl ruhl

      yes, god damn it. CHEMICALS!!!

    • http://proofwaves.wordpress.com proofwaves

      THANK YOU!

  • http://raymondthimmes.com/ Raymond Thimmes

    Marry me. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1059600027 Rosie Spinks

    This post is why I think I’m going to stop reading Thought Catalog: It’s gratuitous, narrow-minded, shallow, and a waste of angst for a really unimportant and futile topic. Use your energy to write about something mildly important or that needs changing- not people exercising. 

  • Anonymous

    sorry my eating disorder annoys you

  • justathought

    Maybe your friends who never do that “thing” they said they would do are off being healthy…running….and cooking healthy meals at home…and then going out and taking pictures. 

    Maybe find ones who…sit at home and don’t do much….you know? So they have time to do things for you and not annoy you.


    • Stephanie Meyers

      Ah, great idea.

  • Juanmei1024

    I know someone that fits the bill of #2. Only does something when it’s convenient for them

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianmay Brian Gregory May

    All of this is annoying, but what really gets my blood boiling is when someone posts something this mundane and mind-numbing on Thought Catalog. Seriously? Do you think you’re going to win a Pulitzer? Probably not. You look pretty stupid. 

  • Achampion08

    LEE…self awareness…combined with being “definitely  a #1″…dieeeeeee bastard. Dieeee.

  • anonymous.

    You sound really bitter and from what I gather, most likely overweight. People who burn off all the food right after the meal/count calories/don’t eat are stupid, yes. After all, eating good food is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures, but you sound very vindictive and irritated by it. Go get some exercise and get rid of that double chin fattty. Bring your girlfriends, maybe then they’ll take less than 30 minutes just to get one good picture.

    • Anonymous

      Hahah. I would like to punch you.

    • Anonymous

      “sound very vindictive” l o l. Idiot.

    • Karlycatherine

       It’s a bit ridiculous to assume that you know ANYTHING about the author
      first of all. The jogging thing ,she obviously didnt know the reason
      why someone would do that, and if she’s at all reasonable she might
      re-think her stance. As for the obsessive dieters-she’s right. Your
      instant accusation of FAT says alot more about you than it does her.
      People in this country-and consequently worldwide-have a HUGE problem
      when it comes to body image and dieting. While it’s good to watch what
      you eat and get a bit of action off of the couch, people have gone too
      far. The diet industry has everyone so blinded to what is normal that
      people have forgotten that it’s ok to have some fat on their body. The
      idea that people(women in particular)need to pay constant attention to
      these things is just that-an idea. There is nothing liberating about
      the  constant monitoring of caloric intake. What most people think is
      the ideal body to have is in fact not at all healthy, far from natural
      and really quite destructive. It’s all a huge joke played on women at
      the expense of our health, our self esteem and our sexualities. I’m not
      intelligent enough, nor do I have the energy to start a 9 year debate on
      the subject but I truly believe that if you were to do a bit of
      research you too would see the direct correlation between the dieting
      industry and the ages old attempt to keep women tired and powerless, as
      the need to be a muscular workout queen only began to surface after
      post-war women started to get educations and careers at a pace that
      powerful men found intimidating. It’s just another aspect of the beauty
      trap .” Make women feel fat and ugly, rob them of their sexuality and
      self esteem and make billions a year doing it-sounds good to me”-the man
      P.S. If you think I’m totally off base please explain to me the fairly
      recent epidemic of eating disorders, because I’m pretty much convinced
      it’s thanks to un-natural fitness and beauty goals places on post-war

  • http://raymondthimmes.com/ Raymond Thimmes

    It’s interesting the amount of hate this article is garnering. This trend of lambasting anyone who proclaims the very real emotion of resentment towards people who throw exercise and vanity in our faces on a daily basis really needs to stop.

    I loved this and thought it was about time someone pointed out the ridiculousness of most “healthy” people. I highly doubt you’re fat, Stephanie. Or even mildly overweight. You sound snarky and fun, to be honest. We need more people like you.

    • justathought

      Seems more like this “very real emotion” truly does stem from a “resentment” towards healthy people. If you resent actions of healthy people stop for a second and figure out where that comes from…a person content with their daily decisions has no interest in judging those of others.

      Also, weight persay has no issue in this conversation a thin girl or guy can be extremely unhealthy just as a heavier set person can be very healthy. 

      Comparing eating a sandwich to the alternative of starvation is not even a real comparison. It would be like inferring that people who do not run are automatically sloths. There are a million middle grounds.

      We need more people who realize that food and health and excersize are not wars, they are personal choices. For a person to judge someone for jogging at a stoplight or choosing to eat less calories is absurd and we definently do not need more judgemental closed minded people.

  • Guest

    This article is about as good as Twilight.

    • Stephanie Meyers

      Thank you!:)

  • Anonymous

    i think #1 is ok to do but my friends do #4 all the freakin time and i’m just sitting there like ‘they (the pictures) all look the same, shut the fuck up’.

  • Jessica Chang

    the reason why people jog at traffic lights, it’s to keep their body temperature and rpm going; avoiding letting the body go into cool down, as when it does we are more prone to injury. I guess u wouldn’t know, judging on how much you seem to dislike the idea of an active lifestyle. 

    ps: im one of those people who run everyday AND check my calorie intake; so i dont think we’d make the best of friends

    • future gopher

      will you marry me?  srsly 

  • Jessica

    dude, #2. totally. i just broke up with this girl i was dating and  “Oh, girlfriend, I’ll totally finish that letter I’ve been writing for you” and “We’re totally going to stay friends and try this relationship thing again when it’s easiest for us.” is EXACTLY us/my situation right now ughh. also in general i’ve had shitty friends who always made empty promises.

  • Bass

    Yo leave her alone… Lots of pretentious high browed nerds on here waiting to critique!
    I hate running, never counted a colrie in my life, as a matter of fact don’t even know what calories are, and I’m a doctor believe that? – for the losers saying well not a good doctor, I treat diseases save lives I send everything calorie related to dietitians.
    I Lead an active healthy life and I bet I’m fitter than most you wankers. Steph, hate on! But you’ll live happier with a positive attitude. Also runners jog on the spot to trick their bodies, it’s not a matter of calorie wastage but not stopping. It’s harder to start again once you stop.

    • Stephanie Meyers

      I’m not a hater, just an observer and let my thoughts take over me when I’m awake at 2am. Haha, but thanks. I’m a diabetic, so I do have an appreciation for health and fitness, just not obsessive lifestyles. I love all of my friends who enjoy photo taking with groups, and I know why runners run. But thanks for the support:)

  • Haxerica

    the running at the place is not about burning that extra calories. not always it is also about the muscles, when you stop, sometimes it is worse to continue than to jog on the place. there can be many various different reasons such as forcing yourself to run 40 minutes constantly and that is why you do not just stand at the red light. gosh. try tunning. and u will understand. and running is good for shaping your body . plus when i run i do not think i am better than u who do not run. no. i just want to go run where there are no people because i am quite shy to run in front of them. 

  • Guest

    #1-4: I hate when people care about their health and also when they don’t do things for me me me. Like, those people are just sooo selfish. 

    • Stephanie Meyers

      I care about my health. I’m a diabetic, so health is a major concern. If you read closely, I stated, “seems to turn a general appreciation of health and fitness into an obsession” I care about health and fitness.

  • Anonymous

    The title is 4 people I really don’t like. Why is everyone shocked that she’s discussing people in a negative way?

    I, for the record, get annoyed by all of the above as well.

  • joe

    i just read your ‘about me…” do you really get “asked constantly” if you wrote twilight? that seems unlikely. once maybe, or twice, but…. constantly??

    • Stephanie Meyers

      All the time.

  • Guest

    #3 is probably an eating disorder. You don’t really get over it and “enjoy your food”. And it’s much, much worse than you think it is.

  • http://twitter.com/shhhauna Shauna

    #5 – People who comment on light-hearted articles in a fit of unnecessary rage because not everyone in the world appreciates their extremely hot bods.

  • justsayin'

    You just sound grumpy, and that’s annoying.

    • Stephanie Meyers

      Thanks! :)

  • Guest

    1. I hate when people sitting in their expensive and inconvenient cars feel threatened by more cost-effective and sustainable transportation. 
    2. I hate when friends ask me for favours and then bitch and moan about how they could have got whatever it is done a lot faster if they had just done it for themselves. 
    3. I hate when people who don’t care about what they put in their bodies feel threatened by those who do. 
    4. I hate when my friend complains about how bad her hair looks when I want to take photos to value and preserve the memory of our friendship.  

    • Stephanie Meyers

      I never said hate. But I’m sorry you feel that way. :)

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