I Need You As Much As You Need Me


I will let you fill me up with optimism, and feel your voice echo within me with all of its beautiful capacity. In return, I will give you all of my thoughts and dreams that are coded within my bones. 

I will give you an unedited version of the truth when your mind games muddle the clear voice in your head. I will hold your hand when you tell your mother of the loneliness you have felt in the last few months, and how you miss the talks you had with your father at his bedside. I will stay with you when the alarm goes off in the mornings, because you can’t bear to leave the world we created under the layers of blankets. I will be there when wanderlust coats your shoes and begs you to take them to the ocean for the day. I will kiss you devotedly on nights when you think you don’t deserve my love or your friends. I will also speak in clichés and riddles because they make you laugh with such striking grace that I fall in love with you over and over again.

I will be shocks of beauty and hurtful questions that you aren’t ready to answer. I will be the glorious aftertaste of a bittersweet story and the silhouette to pour yourself into when life becomes overbearing. I will let you feed me fables and jolt me awake with the strongest dose of humanitarian faith. Let it be the medicine to the things that will destroy me in the end. I will let you explore me, smoothing over the spaces of contagion and disposing my demons for good as you go. I will let you in, the way I don’t let other people in. I will learn from you.

In return, I only beg of one thing: please never forget that I need you as much as you need me.

I need you in all of your wild and passionate forms. I need you when Monday rolls around and you put on that suit you hate to a job that no longer fulfills you. I need you when you feel too tired to continue with the responsibilities that lights up your phone in the middle of the night. I need you when your favorite sweater starts feeling more like home than the shoe-box that I call my apartment. I need you when you begin to wonder what life will be like if you just stopped existing in numbers on paper, but in moving images played out on a cinematic screen.

Because we are both not satisfied with merely living a monotonous life. Because we crave to discover our existence through verses and melodies that consume our minds and sets our skeletons alight. I need you to know that we are not the cold pieces of shale at the bottom of the ocean. We just need to find the core of the universe, so that we can combust on the edges and live so passionately that it starts a revolution.

Because I need you, even though you don’t believe me.

Because I need you as much as you need me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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