Learn To Dance With Your Shadows

I’m feeling all my senses come alive. My feet are firmly planted on the ground. I’m making my roots. I can feel the healing vibrations of this earth sent up through my body.

My soul is smiling, my heart is dancing, and my skin is glowing, sun-kissed.

The stars and the Universe align within me, a reminder that what is mine will always be mine and what is not will make its way out.

There is no fear, only trust.

There is no hate, only love.

There is no resistance, only letting go.

There is no wondering what if, only what is.

Tonight, I am set free by the cosmos and dancing with the stars. Tonight, my mind is set free as I set intentions and make moves.

My breath is a reminder that today I am here. Today, life flows through me. Today, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here, taking up space.

My past and my present intertwine and unravel before me. The history in my veins, if only you knew. Synchronicity. I see you, I hear you, and it’s fucking magical. You stir up my soul.

I am making my way out of the dark and standing tall, skipping into daylight. There is no going back.

This isn’t a coincidence. It isn’t by chance. It’s written in the stars. It’s inscribed in my bones. The path that unfolds before me and blends into my future is meant to be.

I am free in this moment, no longer trapped in what was and not worried about what will be. I now know and have complete trust in the greater good. I trust that the Universe protects me. I trust in the signs I see day to day.

I went on a journey and was brought back to myself. The answers you seek are inside of you. Look no more.

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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