I Like You Because Of The Consistency, Not The Lightning Bolts

I like you because you don’t check your phone first thing in the morning; Instead, you press your lips against my forehead and whisper you love me.

I like you because there’s nobody else on this planet that I would rather spend a few extra moments under a blanket of stars with.

I like you because when I look up during our early morning cups of coffee you bring calmness before stepping out into this busy world.

I like how you take your time with everything. The way you hold me and kiss me; You’re committed to not leave any of me untouched.

I like the way you listen when we are talking, you truly hear me. Sometimes better than I hear myself. I like how you bring insight and clarity when I am feeling confused. You’re encouraging in ways no one else has been.

I like the way your words are filled with care, I like how your thoughts bring to light all the possibilities. A metronome, you really know how to keep the tempo.

The glisten in your eyes brings light into my world, a smile to my face and an overall sense of well being. I like the way you never rush me, the way we take our time with each other. Every moment is of quality.

I like the way you knock it out of the park each time.

I like how there are no lightning bolts, this isn’t”meant to be” we aren’t “soul mates”. Because colliding is not love, colliding is not your soul mate. Colliding is excitement bursting with serotonin. Colliding is fleeting dissipating into a forever expanding universe. I like that with you we are on a journey in which we understand one another. In which we are growing together.

I’m pretty sure I’m done with “intense” attractions because those types of connections seem to be fleeting. A heightened vibration that crashes and causes withdrawals like a drug addiction.

I like the way you stay consistent, it makes building feel stable. You aren’t going from point A to point Z in a matter of weeks. Instead, we are exploring every crevice, penetrating each layer you really know how to bring depth.

I like where we are at.

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