A Thank You Letter To My Best Friends

In a world in which things can become so chaotic within moments. — a world in which things are constantly changing and a world that seems to just keep throwing things your way — it can all become just a little too much. It is at times like these that I am reminded just how grateful I am to have best friends that help bring light to my day.

This is to the best friends who held my hand that shifting late June—the friends that continue to stay soft with me through the healing. To the one that had all the right words to say when I was surrounded by strangers in a foreign country that mid-July night. The ones that saw it coming and yet were supportive through it all unfolding and instead greeted me with an adventure.

This is to my best friend, the one that knows when it is time for a little tough love. The one who doesn’t hold back and is so fucking unapolagetic. Even when it can seem a bit harsh, it’s so real and honest.

To my best friends that celebrated another year on this planet with me on a rooftop in Hollywood as the sun kissed the horizon goodnight while we captured every moment on Polaroids: You all filled my heart and made me feel so light.

This is to the ones that are always up for an adventure in the city, by the beach and the desert. The ones that sing off-key with me to Dua Lipa while rinding alongside PCH with the windows down as our hair blows wild, our hands flow with the beat. The ones who dance the night away until we no longer can feel our legs anymore. The ones running through the city and painting new stories.

The one that knows when to pull out her phone so that we can allocate which direction the moon is going to make her way because she knows how much I will appreciate just how vibrant and full it’s going to be that night. Gazing at the stars, connecting constellations, watching shooting stars. You know just how to make a trip for food so memorable.

I am so grateful to all of you. You warm my heart, nourish my soul, and bring just the right kind of excitement, realness, and honesty to my life. Thank you for all the heartfelt moments we’ve shared. For making my cheeks hurt from all the laughter. For challenging me in a productive way.

Thank you for simply being you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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