I Hope You Remember To Be Soft With Yourself

I hope you take the time to feel the backwash on your feet when it leaves the shore.

I hope you say yes to new opportunities, even when you are scared of the unknown. Especially when you are scared of the unknown.

I hope that one bad relationship doesn’t deter you from experiencing a new relationship.

I hope you have many nights filled with laughter, the kind in which you’re gasping for air and your abs hurt.

I hope you enjoy sweet treats, because life is too short to restrict yourself daily.

I hope you have the courage to try again and again, because I know life comes with no guarantees and often switches directions in a way that may leave us feeling defeated.

I hope you take the time to feel your soft skin, to run your fingers through your hair and smell the aroma you embody. To love every crevice you house. Because you are the one that matters.

I hope that if you ever feel lonely, you have the courage to reach out to someone, to speak out. Because with so many responsibilities and so much around us, it’s easy to fall into a dark place. I hope you have the strength to step out, to realize that it is a moment that will pass.

I hope you realize that today is the right day to book that flight, to pursue that passion (or at least start), to love fiercely, to trust deeply, to believe with no restrictions. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here, so today it the right day and time.

I hope you kiss passionately and love with no regrets. Live in the moment because it will soon be a memory. I hope you realize that there is beauty in the mundane. There is beauty in your daily commute. There is warmth in your morning cup of coffee and tea.

If ever you are unsure, take a moment to look at the ocean. Let her humble you, inspire you, and remind you just how small we all are in comparison to her, the universe, and the cosmos.

Remember that life is temporary. Spend time with the people who truly light you, who challenge you, who understand your softness. Let the sun shine from the inside out. Let it touch and caress your skin. Spend time with yourself.

Remember that, in the end, the only thing that really has value is the genuine connections you’ve made, the memories and experiences you lived, the growth that came from anything that challenged you, the healing and understanding from your traumas. Learning from your reactions and taking responsibility for that. Also, know that you are human and doing the best you can.

Stay brave. Stay soft.

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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