Believe In The Magic Of The Unknown

Please, whatever you do still believe in magic. Please, whatever you do, still believe there is someone out there for you. Please don’t let a bad experience close you off to the positive ones you have yet to experience. Please don’t let a bad experience harden you or make you bitter. Please, whatever you do Stay soft. Stay open. Stay optimistic.

Believe in the butterflies in your tummy that comes from everything that will excite you again. Believe that there are still moments that you will experience with someone that will make you smile so hard that your cheeks hurt. Believe that you will feel the warmth of someone again, during the early morning as the sun leaks in through the blinds. Believe in the comfort of soft lips pressed against your forehead while sipping your cup of coffee. Still, believe in the chills experienced as someone wraps their arms around your waist to pull you in. Believe that your skin will glow with love, that your veins will rekindle with old stories and intertwine with new ones.

Please, whatever you do still believe in the beauty and excitement that a new connection or an old one can spark. Please, still believe in forgiveness even when it felt it couldn’t get any worse and it did. Please, still believe in second chances. Know that there is still an opportunity for growth. For change. Please know that love can come and go, just like seasons. Please know that there is beauty in the madness or your sadness.

Please, whatever you do still believe. Because as long as you are breathing. As long as you are standing. As long as you are alive; there is a chance. There is opportunity. And as long as the sun rises there is hope. Please, whatever you do don’t let go. There is beauty in the unknown. 

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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