We Are All Connected

We are all connected,
From the ground, we stand deeply rooted in.
To the fire that burns and thrives inside of us.
The way we flow through each day.

We are all connected.
Bonded by constellations
as we gravitate towards one another
leaving traces of stardust along the way.

To the bees that pollinate some of our favorite foods
and allow us to enjoy our morning cup of coffee,
the bees that nourish us and help us grow strong.

Strong like the mountains that disconnect us from the chaos
ground us. challenge us. inspire us. and heal us.
The ones that when atop take away our breath yet give us life.

The life that is brought to us by the rays of the sun.
The sun that warms this planet and gives energy
to plants, that provide us with food and oxygen for life.

Oxygen provided by phytoplankton,
oxygen provided by Trees
atoms of oxygen that bonded together and formed the ozone that protects the living organisms on this planet.

The planet that houses over seven billion beings
The planet that holds over 70 percent of water
The planet that has been around for over four billion years.

To the way we adapt and evolve.
From the cells, we shed-
we are all connected.

Every time we inhale and exhale in order to live,
every breath we take depends on another life, depends on another species.
We are not alone in our presence on this planet.

Our presence is felt by every organism on this earth.
Everything that we do impact everything around us and beyond.
What we give to this planet, is what we get in return.

We are all connected, every movement, every breath
every action determines whether we will thrive as a whole or annihilate
and we should start acting like it.

TCID: stephanie-love

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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