I’m Taking Up Space

Early mornings, hot coffee and salty hair have become my favorite ritual.

Waking up before the sun, stopping by my favorite coffee shop, making my way as tinted hues paint the morning sky.

The icy cold waters of the backwash on my feet as it leaves the shore. The motion of the tides holding my body, hugging my weight.

I’m taking up space in the vastness of the sea. I’m taking up space in the universe. I’m taking up space in this world.

I am here, and I will be felt. I am here and I will be heard. I am here taking up space. I am here to stay.

Something about salty beds of water leave me at peace, leave me content.

The sea is my therapy. She is my guide. I find alignment, grounding, and inspiration in her. I find myself, not in a way of being lost but in connection to my core.

I am here and I belong. I belong to this moment, I belong to myself, I belong.

And I won’t be kept quiet; like the roar of her waves, I will be heard. Like the energy of her waves, I radiate in this space. Powerful, resilient, and still.

I am a body of water, of fluidity, of change.

That’s what it is all about — taking up space in the vastness of this forever changing world. That’s what it’s all about — being present in this moment surrounded by her beauty.

This feeling.

This moment.

This space.

It reminds me just how infinitely small I am, how capable I am in the midst of it all. I’m swimming with the motion of the tides, not against them. And I’ve never felt better than this moment, here and now.

Early morning, hot coffee and salty hair.

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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