Be A Little Kinder To Your Body

For the longest, I felt insecure about my body, which in our society seems to be a recurring theme amongst many. Not surprising because we are constantly bombarded with images of what beauty should look like, these ideals that seem more and more far out of reach. It’s bad enough that these ideas and images plague our daily lives. Along with people that think it’s okay to tell someone, “You are too fat,” or, “You’re too skinny,” or, “You would look better if only you changed.”

I’ve gotten to a point in life where I will not tolerate someone body shaming themselves or someone else. Life can be hard enough without the burden of constant judgment on ourselves. We live on a planet that houses over seven billion beings. The idea that there is one ideal body type is unrealistic. You see beauty is in every body type, whatever shape and size. 

I no longer care about what someone else thinks my body should look like. Whether I am too skinny, should gain weight or lose weight. What I do care about is what I prefer. What I do care about is that I love me. What I do care about is the space I hold within myself. What I do care about is my mental clarity. What I do care about is that I’m happy with myself.

You see this body has gotten me through losses. This body fought for its life when I did not want to. This body got me through one of the most difficult times of my life. This body continues to show up, scars and all.

Thank you, for showing up, time and time again. Thank you for caring for me even when I don’t care for you as much as I should. Even when I’m not as good to you. Thank you for pumping blood through my veins day in and day out. 

For accompanying me while sitting 347 feet above a suspended railroad bridge in Washington. For not fainting when I jumped out of a plane in San Diego. For not collapsing after hiking for hours in Oregon. For keeping up with me in New York. Thank you.

It’s so easy to pass judgment onto others and ourselves. It’s so easy to tell someone,

“You would look so much better if only you changed.”

But we need to stop. Because babe, you look better NOW. You are a force just as you are. You are beautiful, charismatic, intelligent. Yes, you with all your “imperfections.”

Our body is our home, and we only have one. Let’s be a little more grateful for all that it does for us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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