It All Started With A Whiskey Neat

It all started with a whiskey neat, that ended at your place with our clothes on your living room floor.

You were on a mission to understand my constellations and I swear that night we shifted the atmosphere.

Your place becoming our own Universe, and boy do we radiate energy that would make the sun jealous.

The way you dive into me with no stopping in sight.

The way our bodies intertwine collapsing into supernovas.

The way you linger in places I forgot existed; Causing every bone in me to vibrate-

shifting and carving coastlines in me.

With each stroke bringing me closer to shore.

Skin on skin wrapped around you and breathless has become my favorite ritual.

Burracated beneath you is where I want to be.

The sound of your voice calling out for me is all I want to hear.

The way your fingertips trickle down my back, the way your lips caress my mouth, the way your words seep into my bones, the way you press onto my body as if you’re on a conquest to calm and wash away the day. To make me forget and boy do I forget.

Effortless and open.

Only stopping for a brief moment, stepping out into the balcony for a quick breath.

The glare of the moon looks so damn good against our skin.

The way we inhale and exhale each other. I swear we devour each other.

The canvass, your sheets in which we create art.

Tinted hues of red you leave behind on my skin from clinging and gripping onto my body leaving traces of stardust behind.

We’re finger painting without paint.

The way you look into me and run your hands through my hair makes me forget everything I ever learned about gravity.


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When you think you are falling, but really collapsing into supernovas.

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