27 Reasons Why I’m Not Listening To Society To Find True Happiness

Twenty20 / kiels925
Twenty20 / kiels925

Take a look at your ultimate goals in life, and compare them to what you’re doing now.

If they match, that’s great! You’re on the right track.

If they don’t, you can find ways to work on it. Break down the aspects of your life, and focus on what needs to change.

This is my journey to self-discovery… and I’m still figuring it out as I go. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy. It’s so simple.

What makes me happy? Traveling, sports, reading, and writing.

What will make me happier? Making a difference, continuing to learn, and helping people.

If there’s a way I can make a difference through sports, that would get me closer to my goal of happiness. Spoiler alert: I’ve unknowingly stumbled upon that through my job as a gymnastics instructor. Yay me!

Before I started analyzing my life this way, I thought I was lost.

Society says you need a traditional career, to make lots of money, have a family, to be beautiful, to own a nice house and car. I pretty much don’t have any of those things. But these are the reasons I’m exactly where I need to be in order to achieve my happiness:

I don’t have a traditional career.

1. I have an unconventional job that I enjoy going to everyday. I don’t make a lot of money, but that isn’t a priority for me.

2. I’m making a difference. I teach kids confidence and perseverance. They remind me that life is simple.

3. I’m constantly learning. I’m part of a management team working to grow a small company. I get paid to learn about business marketing, instead of spending money on another degree.

4. I’m good at what I do. Marketing, coaching, managing, teaching.

5. It makes me happy. Why was I looking for different careers, when this is exactly where I should be?

I’m not rich.

6. But I’m smart with my money.

7. I have a savings account… something I thought everyone had, but apparently not.

8. I have ZERO debt. (Thanks to my parents for paying for college… I did try to help by graduating early!)

9. I don’t own my own house yet, but I’m not wasting money on rent. (Thanks to my mom for letting me live in the basement apartment for free.)

10. I do own my own car.

11. I’ve started a retirement fund.

12. I have insurance: health, car…still working on dental… gotta gamble sometimes.

13. I’ve been collecting furniture and decor so that I’m able to furnish a house when I finally am able to buy.

14. I’m able to pay off my credit card in full every month.

When I do spend a significant amount of money, I make sure it’s on something that will make me happy. Brand names are lost on me. Material things, I don’t understand. A trip to Harry Potter World, yes. Sign me up!

I’m not married, with children.

15. I don’t have a husband. I’ve never even have a boyfriend. But I’ve never felt mature enough to have one until now — I don’t trust people or open up easily. When I have a relationship with someone, I want it to be real and long-lasting. Not something superficial to pass the time so that I’m not alone. I know what I don’t want.

16. I have a large, tight-knit, caring, supportive family. They live all over the world, but we try to get together for holidays, weddings and vacations as much as possible and I cherish the time I get to spend with them.

17. I don’t have any kids. I have a dog. That’s a lot of love in a little package.

18. I have solid friendships. You go through years of getting close to people and falling a part, and learning which relationships were meant to last and which were not. Even if I don’t see my best friends all the time, I know they’re always there.

I’m not perfect.

19. I’m not the most beautiful person I know, but I’m pretty enough. Blonde hair, blue eyes — sounds good on paper at least!

20. I’m not skinny, but I’m always physically active.

21. My body is getting older, but I can still walk, run, bike, flip. I have friends my age who can’t do these things, so my aches and pains and aging body are nothing in comparison.

22. I’ve always lived in the same house, but I’ve traveled the world.

23. I’ve made more mistakes than I can count — and I’ve learned from them.

24. I drink, but I don’t do drugs, and I’ve learned to identify when my habits become unhealthy, and how to avoid that. (A lot of trial and error, by the way.)

25. I don’t go to church, but I have an appreciation for an entity that unites people and gives them something to believe in.

26. I don’t volunteer often, but doing a little bit, even one little thing, is better than nothing.

27. I’m not famous, but I sure do enjoy the alone time I get, and the time I can spend doing what I want instead of wasting it trying to impress other people.

I don’t have it all, and I definitely don’t have it all figured out. But this way of looking at my life proved to be a lot less daunting than looking at the big picture and realizing I don’t fit in to society’s expectation. Now to focus on the aspects of my life that need some work… Anyone looking for a girlfriend who has nothing that society says she should?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Secret goal: To become a superhero.

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