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The Writers' Workshop

I arrived at Xavier High School, iced coffee in one hand and bottled water in the other. It felt like the first day of college – the hangover, the registration desk, the not knowing what I was looking for. I sat in a classroom that housed adolescent boys during the week and watched the women file in. Woman after woman after woman. By the time the classroom had filled, there were about sixteen women of varying ages occupying a half-moon of desks.

A Guide To Being An Inappropriate Drunk

Make sure the object of your affection is within earshot (preferably standing next to their partner). Corner their best friend and lower your voice to a very audible whisper, “I don’t know what to do… I just… I have to tell her how I feel…” Stand much too close to the friend; breathe on her.

On Dating Good Guys

When given the choice, I want to date a Good Guy. I want someone who is a real, flawed human being – someone who, despite those flaws, makes the conscious, ongoing effort to act benevolently toward the people around him.

This Week On Planet Internet: Trolls

If a Blogger is the scum that coats the walls of a fish tank, a Troll is the Pleco fish that devours the algae, ravenously and without remorse. The two cohabitate in the blogosphere, yet their motives and means of survival are far from uniform.

Life Is Not A Movie

I forget sometimes. I forget that I’m not playing a role. I forget that, if I’d stabbed someone, I’d be in therapy right now trying to forget. I’d be afraid to come home alone. I’d hold a steak knife in my hand and feel different about it.

The Different Types Of Cab Drivers There Are

The Cab Driver Who Wants to Chat. You always get into this guy’s cab when you’re on the verge of tears, or homicidal, or just plain tired. He peers back at you in his rearview mirror and decides that, while there’s an 80% chance that you want to go to sleep and never wake up again, he’d like to know what you’ve been up to these past 20+ years.

This Week On Planet Internet: Bloggers

As the brain starts to rewire itself, the Blogger begins to concoct memories of events that never occurred, such as traumatic breakups, excommunication from the church post-tattoo, and the time it almost died in a tragic elephant riding accident at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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